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CCPIClimate Change Performance Index
CCPIComposite Consumer Price Index
CCPIClean Coal Power Initiative (US Department of Energy; est. 2002)
CCPIChernobyl Children's Project International
CCPIConvention Communication Provisioners, Inc.
CCPICamp Casey Peace Institute (Crawford, TX)
CCPICitizens Concerned for the People of Iraq
CCPICalhoun County Paranormal Investigators (Cedar Falls, IA)
CCPICollege Career Professionals of Iowa
CCPIConsultative Committee on Public Information (UN)
CCPICumulative Cost Performance Index
CCPICia de Communicationes Personales del Interior (Argentina)
CCPICompaq Continuous Profiling Infrastructure (formerly Digital Continuous Profiling Infrastructure)
CCPICatawba County Paranormal Investigators (North Carolina)
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Its authors describe the CCPI as an instrument designed to enhance transparency in international climate politics.
32) Since the report was released, three of the six industry partners of CCPI projects have pulled out of agreements with DOE.
As the charity partner of the Rose of Tralee Festival this year, CCPI does some fantastic work in the most disadvantaged areas of Belarus, Ukraine and Western Russia.
Sithe Global Power said it has applied for a $450 million Department of Energy (DOE) grant under the CCPI 3 programme to implement carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology at its Desert Rock Energy Project, a proposed coal-fired power plant to be constructed on Navajo Nation territory in New Mexico.
The CCPI for each individual was calculated according to the following formula:
By contrast, the leading polluters among the 56 countries surveyed under the CCPI are regressing rather than progressing, while some, reasonably well-placed at the outset, have remained inactive.
A starting point on the show floor may be booth #1417, where The Lee Company's new CCPI Series Press-In Chek will be displayed.
The CCPI for all items for the month of February was 121.
The law should now be that the mines of the Philippines would only be given to end-producers,' CCPI President Jose Luis U.
CCPI expects to be able to reach its full potential as part of Matheson, helped by its capital and other resources, it said.
As CCS became the focus of coal RD&D, the CCPI program shifted to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by boosting plant efficiencies and capturing C[O.