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CCQCommission de la Construction du Québec (French)
CCQControlled Connection Queue
CCQClient Capabilities Query
CCQChili Con Queso (food)
CCQCivil Code of Quebec
CCQCéphalées Chroniques Quotidiennes (French: Chronic Daily Headache)
CCQCross Crew Qualification (Airbus Industrie)
CCQCritical Care Quarterly
CCQChambre de Commerce de Québec (French: Quebec Chamber of Commerce; Quebec, Canada)
CCQCirculos de Controle de Qualidade
CCQConcept Checking Question
CCQConseils Consultatifs de Quartier (French: Neighborhood Advisory Councils)
CCQClub Civic Quebec
CCQCadet in Charge of Quarters
CCQClient Connection Quality (computing)
CCQSquadron Section Commander (USAF)
CCQCommunauté de Communes du Quercitain (French: Quercitain Community of Communes; Le Quesnoy, France)
CCQCourt Companions Queensland Ltd
CCQCentre Commun de Quantimétrie (French: Joint Quantimeter Center; University of Lyon)
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En 1980, l'Assemblee nationale institue le Code civil du Quebec (CcQ), mais decide << d'echelonner l'adoption de ses differentes parties en raison de l'ampleur des reformes proposees >> (133).
We first choose two instruments validated in Spanish and commonly used in Mexico to assess craving for other substances: the Cocaine Craving Questionnaire (CCQ) (Marin-Navarrete et al., 2011) and the Multidimensional Alcohol Craving Scale (MACS) (Guardia-Serecigni et al., 2004).
To validate equipment performance, a mock-up model was tested in a laboratory at the Ecole de Technologie Superieure using the CCQ's window heights (12 ft [3.7 m] on all but the top floor, which is 18 ft [5.5 m]).
The paper starts with an overview of CCQ's conception, highlighting how the creation of such gendered ideals is linked explicitly to local politics of power and visions of Christian respectability.
Waller County Jail officials did run a CCQ check on Bland shortly after she was brought into the facility on July 10.
On two occasions, in the same paragraph on page 62, the article refers to the Walther PPQ as the "CCQ." However, we did not find this mistake anywhere else.
The Community College of Qatar (CCQ) has announced that it will implement Ellucian's Banner Student solution in support of "Qatari 2030 national vision to develop talent and support outstanding student accomplishments."
In contrast to relative uniformity in the treatment of prorogation across the country, there is a significant disparity in treatment of derogation, with at least three identifiable approaches that will be systematically examined: (i) the unequivocal rule in the Civil Code of Quebec (CCQ), (ii) the inconsistent use of forum non conveniens in some common-law provinces, and (iii) the potentially ambiguous effect of statutory jurisdictional rules in the remaining common-law provinces.
Qatar Career Fair (QCF) recently hosted its second Lecture, entitled "The working women in Qatar: professional aspirations and social traditions", at Community College in Qatar (CCQ).
L'AUTEUR EST ECONOMISTE de formation et occupe un poste de direction en recherche a la Commission de la construction du Quebec (CCQ) ou il oeuvre depuis de nombreuses annees.