CCREMCanadian Council of Resource and Environment Ministers (now Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment)
CCREMCentre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine (Australia)
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Given that there is no standardized effect size measure available under the CCREM framework, we created an effect size measure based on Hedges' (2007) effect sizes (i.e., [[delta].sub.T]) specifically designed for cluster-randomized studies to evaluate the practical significance of the intervention effect between conditions.
gariepinus using the method of Hart et al (1948) while the value of 4.305x10-2 mg/l was calculated using the methods of CCREM (1971) and IJC (1977).
Las fuentes principales del Zn en sistemas acuaticos incluyen los efluentes de las aguas residuales, explotacion minera y fundicion, asi como de las actividades de la refinacion, la combustion de madera, incineracion de desechos y otras emisiones atmosfericas (CCREM, 1996).