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CCRICommunity College of Rhode Island
CCRICalifornia Civil Rights Initiative
CCRIColumbus Children's Research Institute
CCRICentral Cotton Research Institute (Pakistan)
CCRIChildren's Clinical Research Institute
CCRICountryside and Community Research Institute (UK)
CCRICentral Coffee Research Institute (now Indian Institute of Coffee Research)
CCRICommand Cyber Readiness Inspection (US DoD)
CCRIColorado Casino Resorts Inc. (Cripple Creek, CO)
CCRIConseille Canadien des Rélations Industrielles
CCRICoordinated Community Response Initiative
CCRICentre Commun de Ressources Informatiques (French: Joint Center for Computer Resources)
CCRICentre Culturel Régional Indien de la Réunion (French: Regional Indian Cultural Center of Réunion; Réunion, France)
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Heads of different wings of CCRI Multan including Dr Naveed, Dr Rabia Saeed and others attended the meeting.
Speaking on the occasion CCRI Multan director said that repealing article 370 of the Indian constitution was illegal and a violation of international laws.
If only there were a way to disable all the versions out there," CCRI tweeted.
During his day-long visit to CCRI, the minister said that bumper wheat crop was expected this year.
During the PML-N government tenure, the land of the CCRI was handed over to the police department, triggering a protest by the farming community against the move, making the then government to reverse its decision.
A fine introduction by editor Gordon Darroch is followed by Byron Moldofsky's introduction to the CCRI files, something of a challenge to the statistical neophyte.
The group says CCRI has enjoyed near-record enrollments during his tenure and that he spearheaded a $5 million capital campaign.
The official opening of the new CCRI facility took place on May 11, 2006.
Using federal grants, CCRI set up the Citizen Advisory Committee in Ely, staffed by Native Americans.
In fact, California's Proposition 209, also known as California's Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), prohibits consideration of race, gender or ethnicity in all areas of the state's system of public contracting, as well as employment and education.
And while at least one CCRI guard involved in the incident had been fired from the Texas Department of Corrections for beating a prisoner, the Brazoria County Sheriffs Department actually had "final approval" on all hires.
Clearly that's the tactic Republicans had in mind this year when they raised $450,000 to put CCRI on the 1996 ballot: Had things gone right, CCRI might not only have been the fatal wedge dividing the Democratic coalition--minorities and civil rights groups on one side, Reagan Democrats and other blue-collar voters on the other--but it might also have denied California's crucial 54 electoral votes to Bill Clinton, thereby determining the outcome of the presidential election itself.