CCRMCentre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (Canada)
CCRMCounterparty Credit Risk Management
CCRMColorado Center for Reproductive Medicine
CCRMConstant Control Relay Module
CCRMClimate Change Risk Management (UK scientific consultancy)
CCRMCalifornia Certified Residential Manager
CCRMComprehensive Customer Relationship Management (software)
CCRMChange, Configuration and Release Management
CCRMContinuous Cost-Risk Management
CCRMCitizens Coalition for Responsible Media
CCRMConfiguration, Change and Release Management (various organizations; aka Change, Configuration and Release Management)
CCRMCentre Commun de Ressources en Micro-ondes
CCRMChicano Civil Rights Movement
CCRMCoupled-Channel Reactance Matrix
CCRMCommunity Customer Relationship Management
CCRMCentre de Contrôle des Radiocommunications des services Mobiles
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GE and CCRM expects to support CBMG in increasing process efficiency by establishing a robust process development effort focused on simplifying, integrating and automating the manufacturing workflow.
We contribute to the literature by studying the factors that determine the adoption of a CCRM approach among supply chain partners.
However, because we believe CCRM remains the appropriate starting point for limiting the potential for hedge funds to generate systemic disruptions.
When CCRM was created, we had industry partnerships like this in mind," said Michael May chief executive officer of CCRM.
CCRM will not work effectively unless the bank has an exclusive relationship with the hedge fund that allows it to control the relationship.
While past market failures suggest that CCRM is not perfect, it remains the best initial safeguard against systemic risk; thus, the current emphasis on CCRM as the primary check on hedge fund risk-taking is appropriate.
CCRM is a Canadian nonprofit organization funded by Canada's Networks of Centers of Excellence program, the province of Ontario, and academic and industry partners.
CCRM, a Canadian not-for-profit organization funded by the government of Canada's Networks of Centres of Excellence programme, the Province of Ontario, and academic and industry partners, supports the development of regenerative medicines and associated enabling technologies, with a spe
CCRM Minneapolis, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a newly founded fertility center dedicated to providing patients with leading patient care and outcomes.
The major benefits of using CCRM systems are derived from the combination of many different types of data that together enable more complete analysis of an Fl's mortgage portfolio credit risk.
In response to demand for updated content, CAA decided to revise and modernize its CCRM program, which included updates regarding recent legislation affecting the industry, technology trends, social media marketing and new multifamily management trends, techniques and operation strategies.
37 (2010) [hereinafter CCRM REPORT #3] (explaining MRI levels).