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CCRMACenter for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
CCRMACanadian Credit Risk Management Association
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The CCRMA strives to meet the regions various transportation and infrastructure needs in an improved and more efficient manner.
The CCRMA utilizes TxTag as its primary Electronic Toll Tag.
In December 2016, CCRMA completed implementation of a Back-Office System (BOS) and Project Host Server (PHS) to process Pay by Mail and Violation toll transactions.
In the case of FM synthesis, Chowning's lone patent cemented a relationship between Stanford and Yamaha, the legacy of which is CCRMA, an institution that has fostered the development of a number of fundamental technologies that have directly benefited both the university and Yamaha.
CCRMA, LIPM, CRCA, and the Rockefeller Foundation, compact disc, 1994.
Instea_ of using fingers, breath and lips to play instruments, Biomuse "attempts to harness other bodily means of sound control," says CCRMA director Chowning.
Future plans by CCRMA for a second causeway bridge to SPI may lead to a high-end development boon on the northern end of SPI.
Other CCRMA projects include a major railroad relocation project and construction of a rail bridge into Mexico, currently in progress, and the ongoing conversion of a local highway into an interstate highway, designed to facilitate international commercial traffic.
The CCRMA was created in 2004 and is required to have six of its seven member board appointed by the commissioner's court.