CCRRCitroën-Club Rhein Ruhr (German automobile club)
CCRRCertified Credit Report Reviewer (Institute of Consumer Financial Education)
CCRRCo-Channel Rejection Ratio
CCRRChild Care Resource and Referral, Inc. (Rochester, MN)
CCRRCombat Crew Rest & Relaxation (USAF)
CCRRCenter for Coral Reef Research (Hasanuddin University; Indonesia)
CCRRContinuously Compounded Rate of Return
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Section 167 of the CCRR outlines the conditions for Access to the Registry of Decisions for Research Purposes.
Si bien hasta ahora el ejercicio de la asignacion de estos recursos se lleva a cabo de manera profesional y procurando el mantenimiento de equilibrios politicos, al tiempo de asegurar la adecuada rendicion de cuentas y el cumplimiento de los compromisos acordados a traves de los CCRR, es necesario conocer en que ambitos del desempeno turistico ha tenido mayor incidencia, a fin de reorientar o mantener las ministraciones presupuestales en ejercicios subsecuentes en dimensiones como la socioeconomica, la ambiental, la del propio desarrollo turistico de las localidades beneficiadas y tambien la de la satisfaccion de los visitantes.
Table 1 gives the CCRR of the new PTS OFDM scheme over the conventional PTS OFDM scheme with typical values of V, l, and n.
The CCRR are based on data gathered through content analysis during 1994-1999 and are an analysis of
preparation of a draft amendment to the ccrr for the removal of the ng in respect of the boundaries of landed properties; 12.
It also said they could also reach FDA through its Center for Cosmetics Regulation and Research (CCRR) hotline (02) 857-1900 local 8113 or 8107.
To compare the relative computational complexity of the proposed PTS technique with those of I-PTS and C-PTS, the computational complexity reduction ratio (CCRR) is defined as
Dizon said a copy of the letter had also been sent to DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III, FDA Director General Nela Charade Puno, and FDA CCRR Director Ana Trinidad Rivera.
Contract notice: supply of reinforced concrete pipe post-tensioned with sheet metal for the modernization project of irrigation sector ii ccrr zaidn (huesca)
EcoWaste wrote the FDA Center for Cosmetics Regulation and Research (CCRR) last January 18 asking the agency to compel the concerned companies to immediately withdraw the above product and undertake other necessary legal measures to ensure industry compliance.
Contract notice: Supply of post-reinforced concrete pipe with sheet jacket for the project for the modernization of irrigation ix ix ccrr zaidn (huesca).