CCRRCCoca Cola Retailing Research Council (marketing)
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At the Food Marketing Institute Show here last month the CCRRC study and its background were the focus of a presentation by Whitman, followed by a panel discussion involving executives of chains that participated in the research.
"The same person can have very different motivations for three meals during the same day," explains Michael Sansolo, former Food Marketing Institute SVP and incoming CCRRC research director.
After reading the CCRRC study, Marc Poulin, president operations, Quebec region for Stellarton, Nova Scotia-based Sobeys, huddled with his team to brainstorm ways to encourage at-home coffee drinking.
As articulated in the CCRRC study, for most, lunch is a compromise.
"Certainly, other reports have suggested that supermarkets encourage people to eat at home more often," says Michael Sansolo, former Food Marketing Institute SVP and incoming CCRRC research director.
As Sansolo sees it: "The 'Eating In' study is unique because it tells retailers why -- and, more important, how -- to evolve their operations to build sustainable growth." Through fresh perspective and comprehensive insights into how consumers now approach meals, along with dozens of sales-building ideas, the CCRRC's most recent initiative educates grocers about how to generate a paradigm shift to garner greater profits.
According to the NPD Group's CCRRC custom survey, almost half of consumers consider a ready-to-eat main dish a home-prepared meal.
To begin analyzing the components of great store performance, the CCRRC enlisted the help of Salt Lake City-based FranklinCovey Co.
From this initial analysis, Franklin-Covey and the CCRRC selected a subset of 30 stores, surveyed 4,432 of the stores' customers to determine factors related to loyalty, and talked to more than 1,700 employees to assess the extent of their loyalty.
To that end, the CCRRC measured the intensity of customer loyalty using four key shopping behaviors, as identified by Boston-based Bain & Co.
"We're very excited that the results of the CCRRC's World According to Shoppers study have been so concrete," notes Bill Bishop, president of Willard Bishop Consulting in Barrington, Ill.
"Leonard Harris of Chatham Food Center is diligently working with the tool, and shared his experience at our last meeting," says Ray Stewart, chairman of the CCRRC. (Harris is also a member of the council.) "He saw double-digit increases in his meat department immediately after applying ideas he got from using the tool."