CCRRGContinuing Care Risk Retention Group
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CCRRG is the first nationwide RRG liability carrier designed specifically for the needs of independent owner/operators of long term care facilities.
CCRRG is administered by Magnolia LTC Management Services.
CCRRG focuses on the superior operator of independent owner/operator facility(s) and the smaller chains of facilities providing care and treatment of the elderly.
CCRRG is fully approved by the Illinois Department of Insurance as a registered RRG, and backed by six Lloyds of London reinsurers.
CCRRG is licensed as a mutual, industrial insured captive insurance company by the South Carolina Department of Insurance.
The review process by the IPCF included written and in person testimony from long term care facilities like ours, that chose to insure through CCRRG even without access to the IPCF at binding," said Ron Kelly, CEO of Wesley Manor in Frankfort, IN and CCRRG member of the Board.
In related news, CCRRG announced the appointment of three approved brokers with excellent industry knowledge and long-standing reputations with CCRRG to represent the program in Texas.
In its first two full years of operations, CCRRG mutual insurance company, which is administered by Magnolia LTC Management Services Inc.
that supports CCRRG offering substantially lower policy rates in parts of California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, parts of New York, New Jersey and Washington while confirming rate adequacy for the other 33 states CCRRG is registered in
Lower, fixed-price deductible per claim approved by the multiple CCRRG program reinsurers
In just two short years, we have achieved what all the naysayers said would be impossible: to create sustainable insurance program that costs less yet delivers more value than the ever-costlier programs that traditional carriers offer," said Robert Bates, Board member of CCRRG and President of Magnolia LTC Management Services, Inc.
It has been our stated goal at CCRRG to earn the necessary approvals and ratings to allow our members access to the various HUD mortgage loans offered under Section 232," said Robert Bates, Board member of CCRRG and President of Magnolia LTC Management Services, Inc.