CCSHCanadian Council on Smoking and Health
CCSHCenter for Community Self-Help (Durham, NC)
CCSHCommunity Care for South Hastings (est. 1977; Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
CCSHCocolalla Creek Sport Horses (Idaho)
CCSHCommon Channel Smart Handoff
CCSHConfluent Centrum Semiovale Hyperintensity (neurovascular medicine)
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The construction of the amorphous C-S-H model is referred to as Pellenq's cCSH model based on the experimental data [5, 6].
While the certificate is not a credential, obtaining it does open an avenue to pursue the BRPT's new Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH credential) for healthcare providers who work directly with sleep medicine patients.
(III) Departamento de Ciencias Administrativas, Centro de Ciencias Sociais e Humanas (CCSH), UFSM, Santa Maria, RS, Brasil.
Under different hydrothermal conditions, varieties of CSH with different structures can be prepared, such as amorphous calcium silicate hydrate (ACSH) and crystalline calcium silicate hydrate (CCSH).
The adsorption capacities of CSH for the removal of AFB1 from aqueous solutions were investigated and the adsorption mechanism of AFB1 on CCSH was explained.
The mixture was added to the water with a certain ratio of water-to-solid by mass (w/s), and then incubated at the set temperatures for several hours to manufacture ACSH and CCSH; the hydrothermal synthesis conditions are shown in Table 1 [19].
ACSH and CCSH were characterized by different methods, including X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM), and [N.sub.2] adsorption/desorption.
The XRD patterns of ACSH and CCSH reveal the microstructure variety and comparative XRD patterns of them are presented in Figure 2.
The SEM micrographs of ACSH and CCSH are shown in Figure 3.
CCSH Methods and Practice Considerations in Pediatric Sleep 1115-1215 1115-1215 Repeat of Lecture Repeat of Lecture Given at 1010 Given at 1010 1215-1315 1215-1315 Wednesday Lunch on your Own Lunch on your Own 10/21/15 8 1315-1415 1315-1415 Contact Frank Roman MD Stephen Sheldon Hours Abnormal Sexual Behaviors MD--Expiratory Apneas in During Sleep Children--What is This?