CCSMCommunity Climate System Model (NCAR)
CCSMCheckpoint Certified Security Master (software)
CCSMComposite Current Source Model (digital design)
CCSMContinuing Consolidation of the Statutes of Manitoba (Manitoba, Canada)
CCSMCongregational Church of San Mateo (San Mateo, CA)
CCSMCopenhagen Conference on Strategic Management (Denmark)
CCSMCommand and Control System Module (NSSN)
CCSMCatholic Charities of Southern Maryland
CCSMCentral Computer Systems Management
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Each variable was a composite of four items on the CCSM measured on a 6-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 6 (strongly agree).
Shawna O'Hearn, M.A., M.Sc.(OT), Universite Dalhousie; copresidente, SCSI; copresidente, CCSM 2015; Halifax (Nouvelle-Ecosse)
Three indices were calculated for LIG to present and LGM (CCSM) or LGM (MIROC) to present separately, by subtracting the corresponding values of each pixel for subsequent time periods: T1 = LIG to present, T[2.sub.CCSM] = LGM (CCSM) to present, and T[2.sub.MIROC] = LGM (MIROC) to present.
La question se pose avec beaucoup d'acuite du cote du groupe antiraciste d'accompagnement et de defense des etrangers et migrants (GADEM) qui, en partenariat avec l'association lumiere sur l'emigration clandestine au Maghreb (ALECMA), le collectif des communautes subsahariennes au Maroc (CCSM) et la mission catholique de Nouadhibou, vient de publier un rapport sur la situation des migrants dans le sud du Maroc.
Luke Wood, M2C3 has developed the Community College Survey of Men (CCSM) as a research assessment tool and has partnered with 40 community colleges in eight states that have made use of the survey.
Compare Animal Disease Control Act, RSBC 1996, c 14; Livestock Diseases Act, RSA 2000, c L-15; Animal Health Act, SA 2007, c A-40.2; The Diseases of Animals Act, RSS 1978, c D-30; The Animal Diseases Act, CCSM c A85; Animal Health Protection Act, RSQ c P-42; Animal Health and Protection Act, RSNS 1989, c 15 [Animal Act Nova Scotia]; Diseases of Animals Act, RSNB 2011, c 142; Animal Health and Protection Act, RSPEI 1988, c A-11.1 [Animal Act PEI]; Livestock Health Act, RSNL 1990, c L-22.
Moreover, results from recent simulations coupling circulation, atmospheric circulation, and atmospheric chemistry (publications in CCSM, 2006) indicate that, under current climate conditions and 1% yr increase in atmospheric C[O.sub.2], the temperature at the seafloor would rise by 1[degrees]C over the next 100 years and possibly by another 3[degrees]C in the following centuries [7].
To facilitate educators' adoption of ambitious mathematics instructional practices, recent reform initiatives, such as the Common Core Standards for Mathematics (CCSM), have specified the content elementary students should learn and the practices in which students should engage, while organizations such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) have assumed responsibility for making recommendations for improving instructional practices in mathematics.
(34) The Profits of Criminal Notoriety Act, CCSM, c P141.