CCTBCommon Consolidated Tax Base (EU)
CCTBChicago Convention and Tourism Bureau
CCTBCentral Compilation and Translation Bureau (China)
CCTBCarbondale Convention & Tourism Bureau (Carbondale, IL)
CCTBCanadian Child Tax Benefit
CCTBClub Cycliste des Toques Blanches (French cycling club)
CCTBCryogenic Component Testbed
CCTBCommunauté de Communes Tallard-Barcillonnette (French: Tallard-Barcelonnette Community of Communes; Tallard-Barcelonnette, France)
CCTBCalifornia Central Trust Bank Corporation
CCTBClose Combat Testbed
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Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) spending of $10.1 billion annually allocates $1,446 per child under age 18, clawing back the benefit for income that exceeds $43,953.
* Whether a cross-border loss relief mechanism aimed to balance out the absence of the benefits of consolidation during the first step (CCTB) would promote business interest and support for the CCCTB.
The CCTB provides a non-taxable monthly amount to lower income families.
(2012) simulate the impact of a CCTB on the effective tax burden of companies in all 27 EU member states.
They closely follow the TEE courses of CCTB and have a one year diploma in ministry programme of 24 subjects.
Figure 2--Corporate income tax differences before and after Applying EU Formula Apportionment Values (mil $) Corporate 268,41 Income tax By applying CCTB rules Tax base by 1.675,22 Applying CCTB rules Gross taxable 1.503,76 Income Corporate 246,13 Income tax Note: Table made from bar graph.
American Airlines, a subsidiary of US-based holding company AMR Corporation (NYSE: AMR), has joined a global marketing campaign for the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau (CCTB), a US-based agency to promote tourism in Chicago, US.
The airline, as a strategic marketing partner of the Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau (CCTB), is offering up to 75% off its published fares for groups of 10 or more travelling to Chicago; a discount of USD50 off a new annual Admirals Club membership; and 750 bonus points upon enrolment in the Business ExtrAA programme.
You could receive a higher benefit rate if you are in a low-income family (an income of less than $25,921) with children and you or your spouse receive the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB), you are entitled to the Family Supplement.
The main factors are the claw-backs that apply to Social Assistance (SA), which result in very high EMTRs at low incomes, and the National Child Benefit (NCB) supplement [a key component of the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)] that was introduced in 1998 to target additional benefits to low-income families.
The Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) was introduced in 1992, and a supplement, put into place in 1998, was directed specifically to low-income families with children.