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I want to thank all of the CCTE Board members and the various committee chairs for making my tenure as CCTE President that much easier.
While presenting at the 1997 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, I met one of CCTE's past presidents, Carol Bartell, and that's how I found out about Cal Council.
In this reflective essay, I will address each of these areas and describe what occurred within CCTE during that time.
Alan Jones of Caddo Gap Press, as well as to the CCTE Executive Board for their support and enthusiasm for making TEQ one of the top scholarly journals in the field of teacher education.
I was in a unique situation as I came into the CCTE presidency: two of us had been elected as president-elect in a tie that held even when more members went to vote.
A primary purpose of the program is to involve new faculty in CCTE and to assist them in moving through the normal hurdles of new faculty status.
The survey, conducted in May of 2014, allowed respondents to evaluate the strategic goals of our organization, to evaluate the programs and services that are offered to the CCTE membership, and to indicate other programs, services, and initiatives CCTE should undertake.
On behalf of all readers of the journal and the membership of CCTE, I welcome Chris and his team and look forward to working with them to sustain and grow yet further the high quality of Teacher Education Quarterly.
I served as editor of that journal for 12 years and have since remained as publisher through Caddo Gap Press on behalf of CCTE. I stepped down as editor when I was appointed executive secretary of CCET/CCTE and have served in that role now since 1998.
Other graduate students who wish to participate this year should contact CCTE Executive Secretary Alan Jones or complete the application form that is posted on the CCTE website (see membership page for more detailed description of the Graduate Student Support Program and the application form).
His professional activities have included faculty positions at Eastern Michigan University, Sacred Heart University, and the University of San Francisco; two stints on the staff of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing; service as Executive Director of the Michigan Conference of the American Association of University Professors; a three-year term as an elected member of the CCTE Board of Directors; the first chair of the CCTE Policy Committee; and a twelve-year term as the past editor of this fine journal.
En ce qui concerne les cadres de dialogue social, notamment le Conseil National du Travail (CNT), le Comite Interministeriel de Negociation avec les Partenaires Sociaux, la Commission Nationale du Dialogue Social (CNDS), la Commission Consultative du Travail et de l'Emploi (CCTE), le Conseil Consultatif de la Fonction Publique (CCFP), le Comite Technique Consultatif de Securite et Sante au Travail (CTCSST), les representants des travailleurs sont ceux designes par les organisations syndicales representatives.