CCTFConsultative Committee for Time and Frequency
CCTFConstruction Claims Task Force (Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services; Building Codes Division; Salem, OR)
CCTFCommander, Combined Task Force
CCTFCylindrical Core Test Facility
CCTFCloud Computing Task Force (Information Technology Leadership Council; University of California)
CCTFCommittees, Councils, and Task Forces (California Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
CCTFContingency Communications Test Facility
CCTFCanadian Clyde Tube Forgings (Canada)
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The CCTF will have capabilities to capture 120 tons of CO2 per day from the flue gas emitted from SaskPower's Shand Power Station (298MW) located near the city of Estevan, Saskatchewan, using a chemical scrubbing method with an amine based absorbent.
The CCTF sees this as a deliberate sidelining of climate change as an issue, going on to say that this move may weaken the rest of the commitments on the agenda, including poverty alleviation and building economies for sustainable development.
By providing a cheap alternative to in-house reductions or emissions trading, CCTF credits, in effect, put a price cap on carbon credits.
Web posting was accomplished using two methods: posting a file to a CENTRIXS 4-EYES Web site; or sending an e-mail with the attachment to be posted to CENTRIXS-JPN or CENTRIXS-R to an air-gap watch at CCTF.
Similarly, while the US proscribed the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization in 2008 and the Tamil Foundation in 2009, Canada the World Tamil Movement (WTM) in 2008, and France banned the CCTF in 2009, LTTE front organizations are yet to be listed by the EU, notwithstanding police and judicial action being taken against front organization activists in at least 8 European states.
Additionally, a daffy VTC was held by the various departments within CCTF with their respective subordinates from each of the components.
EFA was carried out to verify the bifactorial structure of the CCTF, and to assess the adequacy of the items regarding factor loadings on a single factor.
Tenders are invited for Cleaner - CCTF - concrete - approved products only - 5 gal pail (t frank mccall - dyna sol)(ardex - concrete cleaner or purple 5222f) (airwick/ecolab - quick fill 560) (penetone - slix)(cantol - tech 736).
Mention has already been made in the Europol's TESAT 2010 Report of the conviction of a former LTTE leader in the UK, and the November 2009 action by a Paris court banning the CCTF and convicting of 21 LTTE activists for upto 7 years - which Eurojust says was the most significant judicial action related to terrorist financing that has taken place in Europe.
His Excellency, Ambassador David Daly the European Union's Ambassador to Maldives, stated, "The CCTF demonstrates how the European Union and the Maldives continue to strengthen cooperation on climate change in the run up to the adoption of a new global climate deal in Paris this December .