CCTFConsultative Committee for Time and Frequency
CCTFConstruction Claims Task Force (Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services; Building Codes Division; Salem, OR)
CCTFCommander, Combined Task Force
CCTFCylindrical Core Test Facility
CCTFCloud Computing Task Force (Information Technology Leadership Council; University of California)
CCTFCommittees, Councils, and Task Forces (California Society of Health-System Pharmacists)
CCTFContingency Communications Test Facility
CCTFCanadian Clyde Tube Forgings (Canada)
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CCTF operates under the governance of the All-China Women's Federation and the supervision of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China.
Joining with Hitachi on the CCTF continues a long-standing partnership that dates back to the 1970s.
SaskPower and Hitachi will each contribute approximately $30 million to the CCTF, with SaskPower acting as owner/operator.
The CCTF has been built to accommodate a wide range of test configurations, ensuring it remain a viable facility for many years.
In addition to the CCTF, SaskPower will be among the first electric utilities in the world to operate a commercial-scale power plant with a fully-integrated carbon capture and storage operating system.
The CCTF met approximately every other month and was co-chaired by Dr.
The knowledge required was broad; every CCTF participant dealt with strategies outside of their expertise.
This will occur as part of the ongoing implementation activities overseen by the CCTF.
There was no shortage of GHG reduction ideas in the early CCTF discussions--the greater need was to prioritize the extensive list of candidate actions.
Web posting was accomplished using two methods: posting a file to a CENTRIXS 4-EYES Web site; or sending an e-mail with the attachment to be posted to CENTRIXS-JPN or CENTRIXS-R to an air-gap watch at CCTF.
A considerable amount of time was spent by CAOC personnel managing the CFACC Web site, drafting e-mails in the proper format for the CCTF air-gap and monitoring the correct posting of data by air-gap.
Additionally, a daffy VTC was held by the various departments within CCTF with their respective subordinates from each of the components.