CCTGCahier des Clauses Techniques Générales (French: General Technical Conditions of Contract)
CCTGCalifornia Collaborative Treatment Group (San Diego, CA)
CCTGCampus California Teacher Group
CCTGClimate Change Task Group (information and research group; various organizations)
CCTGCalifornia Christmas Tree Growers
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This survey was validated by 17 members of the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCTG).
Grateau et al., "Longest form of CCTG microsatellite repeat in the promoter of the CD2BP1/PSTPIP1 gene is associated with aseptic abscesses and with crohn disease in French patients," Digestive Diseases and Sciences, vol.
Our study, driven by the necessity of a clear combined clinical evaluation, provides a first step to a serious consideration of cCTG monitoring and Doppler velocimetry together as tools to detect the time of delivery in IUGR fetuses before a life-threatening event can occur, achieving, at the same time, all the time possible to limit complications related to premature birth.
This is to confirm the importance of the use of Vas test inside the cCTG analysis as a predictive tool of conditions at birth.
For the four genetic polymorphisms, haplotypes CCGC, CCGG, CCTC, and CCTG were significantly associated with T1D (p < 0.01).
For this analysis, we included randomized CCTG 595 participants who had completed the baseline substance use questionnaire (n = 394) to examine associations with substance use over 48 weeks and used dried blood spot (DBS) intracellular TFV-DP levels as a biologic measure of PrEP adherence (15).