CCTOChief Clinical Technical Officer (various locations)
CCTOCaCu3Ti4O12 (Calcium-Copper-Titanium-Oxygen)
CCTOCalifornia Clean Tech Open (business plan competition)
CCTOCETPA (California Educational Technology Professionals Association) Certified Chief Technology Officer
CCTOChristian Church of Thousand Oaks (Thousand Oaks, CA)
CCTOCalifornia Coalition of Travel Organizations
CCTOCentral Community Transit Office (UK)
CCTOCertified Chief Technology Officer
CCTOCouncil Controlled Trading Organization (New Zealand)
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CCTO operations chief Francisco Ouano said he expects heavy traffic on Osmena Boulevard and nearby areas once the street is closed for the entire day beginning at 6 a.m..
On the contrary, Ca[Cu.sub.3][Ti.sub.4][O.sub.12] (CCTO) is a known oxide of the A[Cu.sub.3][M.sub.4][O.sub.12] family.
There are numerous capacities in clinical information technology where CCTOs serve; Shroff focuses on the nexus of physicians and technology and mobility's transformation in health care delivery.
These results suggest that one could chose PMMA combined with giant permittivity ceramics such as CCTO for the fabrication of composites with high permittivity.
Citadel's river transport investments in Sudan fall under the Nile Logistics Platform Company, which in turn is a shareholder in CCTO II.
Aux fins de la CCTO, << groupe criminel organise >> designe une organisation structuree de trois personnes ou plus existant depuis un certain temps et agissant de concert dans le but de commettre une ou plusieurs infractions graves ou infractions etablies conformement a la Convention, pour en tirer, directement ou indirectement, un avantage financier ou un autre avantage materiel (24).
The California Clean Tech Open (CCTO) has chosen 50 finalists in the competition that offers more than $600,000 in prizes.
Cebu City Transporation Office (CCTO) operations chief Francisco Ouano said close to a hundred vehicles have been impounded two days after they strictly implemented an executive order that penalizes motorists caught counterflowing on the streets.
Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) operations chief Francisco Ouano said the city is ready for the transport strike, which will be headed by Pinag-isang Samahan nga mga Tsuper at Opereytor Nationwide (Piston-Cebu).
Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) Operations Chief Francisco Ouano said Osmena called him Wednesday to implement his order immediately.
Joy Tumulak, operations head of the Cebu City Traffic Office (CCTO), said they had taken the boy's mother into custody after witnesses claimed that she pushed the child into the path of a passing Isuzu Altera (YFX 409).