CCTSCommissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (Canada)
CCTSCall Center Test System
CCTSConcrete Complete Transformer Substation (electricity)
CCTSCertified Corporate Trust Specialist (American Bankers Association)
CCTSCombat Crew Training Squadron
CCTSCombat Crew Training School
CCTSCriminal Case Tracking System (various locations)
CCTSChemung County Transit System
CCTSCumulative Career Trauma Stress
CCTSConseil Canadien sur le Tabagisme et la Santé (Canadian Council on Smoking and Health)
CCTSContractor Cost Tracking System
CCTSCervical Carcinoma, Tumor-Suppressor Gene Involved In
CCTSCenters for Clinical and Translational Sciences (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)
CCTSComputer Controlled Testing System
CCTSClose Combat Training System
CCTSConfiguration Control Tracking System
CCTSCommand and Conquer: Tiberium Sun (game)
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The 8th meeting of CCTS economy ministers is taking place in Bishkek.
Edillon said the CCTs are usually extended to beneficiaries in far-flung areas.
The gridlock in the deployment of CCTS can be partly explained by low EU Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) C[O.sub.2] prices which have remained in the range of three to eight [euro]/tC[O.sub.2] since the start of the third trading period in 2013.
field observations in the municipality of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro Province in the Mimaropa Region, where GCash Remit was being used as a conduit for delivering CCTs;
Preparations for the CCTS Summit scheduled for this year in Kazakhstan were also discussed by the sides.
CCTs "are worth serious consideration as part of an integrated poverty alleviation strategy," says the International Fund for Agricultural Development, "But they are not a magic bullet."
This research is focused solely on the effectiveness of channel pre-selection in reducing CCTs assuming that the next channel selection is being streamed.
It said in Latin America, Levy estimates that governments using CCTs invest about half a percent of the gross domestic product in 25 per cent to 30 per cent of the population through such mechanisms.
Units also need to understand that, in order to have all contract arrangements in place when troops arrive in the theater, CCTs should be in country several weeks to months before the arrival of unit personnel.
While the bank received offers for about EUR1.418bn worth of CCTs, as against EUR750m on offer, it received EUR4.257bn worth of offers for BTPs as against EUR3.0bn on offer.
Happily, Liaoning's relatively well-developed economy and strict environmental controls make it likely to be among the first Chinese regions to adopt CCTs.