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CCTVChina Central Television
CCTVClosed Circuit Television (aka CCT)
CCTVCircuito Cerrado de Televisión
CCTVCapital Community Television (Salem, Oregon)
CCTVChittenden Community Television (Burlington, Vermont)
CCTVCampzone Community Television
CCTVCommand and Control Training Vehicle
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CCTV America contributes daily programming from the Americas to the Beijing based CCTV News channel.
She explained that there is a council CCTV system almost directly opposite her house, which is positioned at the top of a lamppost-like installation.
CCTV IN THE WORKPLACE Again, this is governed by the Data Protection Act.
Major Regions CCTV Lens Market Status Analysis 2009-2014
There was "no case" to support active monitoring of public CCTV in Dyfed-Powys and "little evidence" they deter violent or alcohol-related crime, it said.
Simon Vella Managing Director at Red CCTV quoted: "This is another excellent piece of work highlighting the focus on health & safety as well as customer support and management we thrive on here at Red CCTV.
This is linked directly to Chester's 24 hour CCTV Control Room where the team based there can quickly identify any concerns and alert police or other agencies to attend.
The survey found the number of CCTV cameras controlled by local councils in the UK had nearly tripled from 21,000 a decade ago to 60,000 now.
Wang Lei Lei, CEO and Chairman of KongZhong Corporation said, "We believe CCTV has chosen to work with Kong.
His probe said CCTV had helped catch just eight out of 269 suspected robbers across London in a month.
This creates a need for portable magnification that is the thrust behind the development of lightweight laptop-compatible CCTVs in which the laptop screen doubles as a CCTV monitor, while still having the option to be connected to a desktop computer or standalone VGA (Video Graphics Array) monitor (an analog computer display standard).
We would like to get funding from the local authority to help install CCTV on the outside of the shop as well, as we have encountered problems with youths hanging around there.