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CCUCoronary Care Unit
CCUCoastal Carolina University (Conway, SC, USA)
CCUCAP (Communications Access Point) Channel Unit
CCUColorado Christian University (Lakewood, CO, USA)
CCUCentro Cultural Universitario (Spanish: University Cultural Center; Mexico)
CCUCritical Care Unit
CCUCamera Control Unit
CCUCardiac Care Unit
CCUCentral Control Unit
CCUCincinnati Christian University
CCUCompañía Cervecerías Unidas (Santiago, Chile brewery)
CCUCyber Consequences Unit (US Department of Homeland Security)
CCUComputer Crime Unit (NSSOG)
CCUConcurrent Users
CCUCommunication Control Unit
CCUClimate Control Unit
CCUCommon Control Unit
CCUConvention Collective Unique (French: Single Collective Agreement)
CCUComputer Control Unit
CCUCatalytic Cracking Unit
CCUCalcutta, India - Calcutta (Airport Code)
CCUCentre Catholique Universitaire (French: University Catholic Center)
CCUConfederation of Canadian Unions
CCUCache Control Unit (Wyse)
CCUCivil Contingencies Unit (UK)
CCUCorrectional Custody Unit
CCUChannel CODEC Unit (3GPP)
CCUCase Coordination Unit
CCUCell Culture Unit (space station scientific payload; Space Station Biological Research Project)
CCUComité Consultatif des Unités (French: Consultative Committee for Units; International Committee for Weights and Measures)
CCUCustomer Control Unit
CCUCouncil on Christian Unity
CCUCharge Control Unit
CCUCommunauté de Communes de l'Uzège (French municipality)
CCUCardio Care Unit
CCUCable Control Unit (Motorola)
CCUCorrespondence Control Unit (US Department of Education)
CCUCommand Center Upgrade
CCUCompact Computer Unit
CCUConverter Control Unit (aviation)
CCUConfiguration Control Unit
CCUConsole Control Unit
CCUCDMA Channel Unit
CCUCrewman Communications Umbilical (NASA)
CCUCommunication Collaborative Unifiée (French: Unified Collaborative Communications; telecommunications)
CCUContrôle de Compte Utilisateur (French: User Account Control)
CCUCommunications Carrier Unit (NASA)
CCUCorporate Communication Unit (UK)
CCUCustom Configured Unit
CCUCarrier Control Unit (Cannon Technologies, Inc.)
CCUCrew Communications Umbilical
CCUCornu Cervi Ustum (Burnt Deer Antler, codices and manuscripts)
CCUCross-Category Unit (retail)
CCUCommodore Convoy Unit
CCUCash Cost per Unit (Sprint)
CCUConsumer's Control Unit
CCUCahier des Charges Utilisateur (French: User Specification)
CCUCustomer Consumer Unit (electrical installation; UK)
CCUCarbon Capture and Utilization (energy industry)
CCUCargo Containment Unit
CCUCampus and Community United (California)
CCUCreative Concepts Unlimited (Los Osos, CA)
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In an interview with the Sunday Mail in March 2016, Daly told how the stress of the CCU probe had caused her to lose a baby and end her relationship with Reid.
14-17) We hereby demonstrate steadily increasing resistance rates among Gram-negative blood culture isolates with the greatest rise among CCU isolates, compared to outpatient and inpatient isolates.
Take the CCU out of the box, take your complete 1911 frame and (after reading the directions
CCU is available as a premise-based solution from CosmoCom and its resellers, and as a hosted service from service providers.
We report a dramatic change in CCU utilization by a family practice teaching service at a small community hospital.
In many instances, doctors send patients with chest pain to the CCU even if they did not have a heart attack because there is nowhere else to monitor them carefully, Buda said.
This press release contains forward-looking statements based on current CCU management expectations.
The complaint was retracted but Reid claimed the CCU threatened two friends to make them cooperate with their investigation.
CCU is controlled by a joint venture between Quinenco and Heineken in which the two hold 61.
El exito de Kuntsmann afronto obstaculos: el consumo lleva tres anos estanca do en 26 litros per capita, y CCU tiene el 89% del negocio de la cerveza en Chile.