CCUACivil Court Users Association (UK)
CCUAClauses et Conditions Uniformisées d'Achat (French: Terms and Conditions of Purchase; Public Works and Government Services Canada)
CCUACommunity Care Underwriting Agency (insurance; California)
CCUAConnecticut Credit Union Association
CCUACalifornia Compassionate Use Act of 1996
CCUAChicago Council on Urban Affairs (Illinois)
CCUAClean Catch Urine Analysis
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CCUA began reclamation operations in 1998 with one treatment plant.
CCUA customers currently receiving reclaimed wastewater include 11,983 residential accounts, 253 commercial customers and the three golf courses.
If everything is in order, CCUA will conduct a cross connection inspection of the system.
In order to test whether CCUA and LET pre- and post-test scores of CG-I, CG-II, and EG groups were statistically different within group-paired samples t-test, to compare groups one-way ANOVA were carried out (Johnson & Christensen, 2004).
Table 4 presents the results of the one-way ANOVA, comparing CCUA pre- and post-test scores of the control and experimental group students.
Implementation process of the study and measurement tools applied during the process Group name Data collection Process Data collection tools tools CCUA LET CCUA LET EG X X * X X CG-I X X ** X X CG-II X X *** X X * The teacher giving instruction to perform all the experiments of the chemical changes unit within the VCL environment.
Our partnership with the CCUA affirms Diebold Nixdorf as a strong leader in self-service solutions for financial institutions in Canada," said Bruce Pearce, Diebold Nixdorf vice president and general manager, Canada.
Provincially regulated, credit unions have operated in Canada since 1908 and have evolved to provide the same lending, deposit taking and wealth management services as federally chartered banks, the CCUA argues.
Canadian credit unions have used the words bank and banking to describe what they do, without penalty, for years albeit with the until now tacit support of federal officials, according to the CCUA.
CCUA is calling on the federal government to reverse OSFI's advisory, which it could do by amending Canada's bank law or introducing a regulation to allow credit unions to continue to use the B-words without facing criminal penalties.
Other Catholic credit unions will be invited to join the CCUA, the association said in a prepared statement.
Each Catholic credit union in CCUA is already individually strong," Rob Grech, president/CEO of the $438 million Alliance Catholic Credit Union in Southfield, Mich.