CCUCCenter for Cultural Understanding and Change (Field Museum, Chicago)
CCUCChinese Christian Union Church (Chicago, IL)
CCUCCatalogo Colectivo de las Universidades de Catalunya
CCUCCampus Credit Union Council (est. 1985)
CCUCCarbon-Constrained Unit Commitment (NeoMesh Solutions, Inc.)
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So, 20 years ago the organizers of the CCUC meetings began a grand tradition that brings together activists with diverse disciplinary backgrounds to meet and collectively report on, discuss and demonstrate the role of computers in education.
In 1979, in lieu of the tenth CCUC conference, representatives from various organizations established the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC).
CCUC is now in the position to take advantage of a timely industry market demand to provide custom vehicles and powertrains and plans to build a dominating presence in the aftermarket automotive up-fitter segment, including "Pure Electric" vehicles, limousines, other livery, specialty fleet, classic automobiles and custom restorations.
Gary Spaniak, Chief Executive Officer of CCUC, states, "Until now CCUC has been a marketing sales company.
Rapid Link and CCUC have entered into a joint marketing effort to offer the CommLink Calling Card(R) and the HomeLink(R) personal 800 number service to CCUC members.
After much consideration, CCUC is very proud to endorse Rapid Link's services to our members.
CCUC is evaluating possible alternatives to provide future capacity at the Tanglewood Lift Station.