CCUICorporate Coach University International
CCUICentro Congressi Unione Industriale (Italian: Industrial Union Congress Center)
CCUICrew Chief Under Instruction (USMC)
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Two crew chiefs under instruction (CCUI) were on the flight that day.
During the fifth CAL evolution, landing checks were performed, and the crew chief and both CCUIs replied, "Set in back." A normal final approach profile was flown, and, while restrained in lap belts, both CCUIs performed clearing calls on each side of the aircraft at both 50 feet AGL and 25 feet AGL.
"The Powerlink team developed a custom contributor user interface (CCUI) that is tailored to allow users to be productive with minimal training." Marketing teams in EMC identify customer needs and seek resources that will be useful, and are able to add that content to Powerlink.