CCURCenter for Crops Utilization Research
CCURCenter for Credit Union Research (University of Wisconsin)
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Using 2015 figures, the CCUR report argues the state of California could level the playing field with an outlay of $37 million to cover legal defense for the 7,400 Californians who were unrepresented in immigration court that year.
For example, groundbreaking studies led by chemist Ruth Benerito at the Cotton Chemical Reactions Laboratory (CCUR's predecessor), starting in the 1950s, gave rise to easy-care, permanent-press clothing and other consumer-friendly improvements that helped cotton better compete with synthetic fibers, like polyester and nylon.
Concurrent Real-Time (NASDAQ: CCUR), Atlanta, a leading provider of real-time Linux solutions for mission-critical applications, has announced that Hyundai Rotem, a worldwide leader in ground weapon systems, has deployed 176 ImaGen visual servers powered by the RedHawk Linux real-time operating system.
Pour preuve: la double lecture que permet la phrase "jouez votre ccur".
It could be said that Interpol is absorbs excess risk, if it were to ccur, with caps that are relatively low for the large reinsurer, but sufficiently large for the microinsurer.
Ce nouvel humanisme replace la philosophie au ccur de la pensee politique.
Il rit (Milou) comme s'il etait content pour moi et mon ccur se retracte sur luimeme, se solidifie, craquelle comme l'oued suce jusqu'a sa derniere goutte d'eau par le soleil qui a brule son lit.
Mais Ricceur est aussi un intellectuel dont le retour sur sa propre pensee est au ccur de la demarche.
FINANCE Charles Payne Wall Street Strategies Current Price at Company (Exchange: Ticker) Price Recommendation * Nokia (NYSE: NOK) $14.39 $23.18 AOt time Warner (NYSE: AOL) 11.66 26.40 Applied Materials (Nasdaq: AMAT) 11.97 21.58 ** Concurrent Computer (Nasdaq: CCUR) 3.30 13.12 Openwave (Nasdaq: OPWV) 1.23 6.68 Portfolio Performance Curet Value of $5,000 Investment Total Current Value Company (Exchange: Ticker) Return $1,000 Investment Nokia (NYSE: NOK) -37.92% $620.79 AOt time Warner (NYSE: AOL) -55.83 441.67 Applied Materials (Nasdaq: AMAT) -44.53 554.68 Concurrent Computer (Nasdaq: CCUR) -74.85 251.52 Openwave (Nasdaq: OPWV) -81.59 184.13 Portfolio Performance -58.94% Curet Value of $5,000 Investment $2,052.79 * AS OF JAN.
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