CCVCConsonant-Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (teaching resource)
CCVCCaritas Charles Vath College (Hong Kong)
CCVCCross Country Vehicle Club (Wellington, New Zealand)
CCVCCapital City Volleyball Club (Durham, NC)
CCVCCommunity Colleges of Ventura County (California)
CCVCCyclo Club de Villers-Cotterêts (French bicycling club)
CCVCCapacitive Coupling Voltage Contrast
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CVC, CCVC, and CVCC) attest another four of the ten LTCs: /H:L/, /HL:HL/, /LH:L/, and /L:L/.
Two of the words were comprised of CCVC syllables and two were comprised of CVCC syllables.
Huichol permits syllable structures such as CVC and CCV, but not CCVC, a closed syllable with a complex onset (McIntosh 1945 : 32).
V a, ear, eye, owe CV by, hair, see, why, you VC at, of, ought, out CVC but, heart, tooth, though CCV clay, spa VCC ask, oils CCVC clash, plate CVCC leaves, task, walks CCVCC clothes, grasp and so on, up to CCCVCCCC, at least in English (strengths).
In addition, one inmate wrote, "My spelling of angel and angle," another said, "VVCVC, CCVC, CCVV so on and so on," a third participant wrote, "That with a little push in a direction, I can go a long way." These quotes demonstrate individual personalities and learning.
nasal n lateral approximately fricative h, h affricate semi vowel Academic Transliteration of Tibetan labial dental dentil-alveolar palatal plosive p,ph,b t,th,d nasal m n ny lateral l, lh approximate r, hr y fricative s, z sh, zh affricate ts,tsh,dz c,ch,j semi vowel w velar laryngeal plosive k,kh,g [emoty set] (+vowel) nasal ng lateral approximate fricative ',h affricate semi vowel (20) CV, CVC, CVCC; CCV, CCVC, CCVCC; CCCV, CCCVC, CCCVCC; CCCCV, CCCCVC, CCCCVCC (C: consonant; V: vowel)
The orthographic structures presented were CCV, CVC, CCVC. The patient answered correctly in only 30% of cases (10/30).
Based on this fact and others he develops a general theory regarding the origin of the preformative conjugation, namely that it originally consisted of vowelless prefix + the verbal form CCVC. Thus, he believes that when the first consonant of the root was /w/ it could become syllabilized by shifting from semivowel to vowel.