CCVCCross Country Vehicle Club (Wellington, New Zealand)
CCVCCapital City Volleyball Club (Durham, NC)
CCVCCommunity Colleges of Ventura County (California)
CCVCCyclo Club de Villers-Cotterêts (French bicycling club)
CCVCCapacitive Coupling Voltage Contrast
CCVCCaritas Charles Vath College (Hong Kong)
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CVC 0,83 (0,83) 3,17 (0,83) t(11)=-4,841, p<0,000 ** CVG 0,5 (0,67) 3,42 (0,67) t(11)=-7,705, p<0,000 ** CVGS 0,75 (0,62) 3,25 (0,62) t(11)=-6,966, p<0,000 ** CCVC 0,25 (0,45) 3,75 (0,45) t(11)=-13,404, p<0,000 ** CCVG 0,33 (0,65) 3,67 (0,65) t(11)=-8,864, p<0,000 ** CCVGS 0,25 (0,45) 3,75 (0,45) t(11)=-13,404, p<0,000 ** DISYLLABLES/TRISYLLABLES Initialism: Acronym: Mean T-Student Mean (Standard (Standard Deviation) Deviation LIGHT SYLLABLES CV 0,17 (0,39) 3,83 (0,39) t(11)=-16,316, p<0,000 ** CCV 0,08 (0,29) 3,92 (0,29) t(11)=-23,000, p<0,000 ** HEAVY SYLLABLES VC 0,75 (0,75) 3,25 (0,75) t(11)=-5,745, p<0,000 ** VG 1,25 (1,36) 2,75 (1,36) t(11)=-1,915, n.
Two of the words were comprised of CCVC syllables and two were comprised of CVCC syllables.
Tipos silabicos (4) Tipo silabico Numero de silabas Porcentaje de aparicion CV 531 59,73% CVC 196 22,04% CVV 57 6,41% V 35 3,93% CCV 28 3,14% VC 19 2,13% CCVC 18 2,02% CVCC 5 0,56% Total 889 99,96%
Based on this fact and others he develops a general theory regarding the origin of the preformative conjugation, namely that it originally consisted of vowelless prefix + the verbal form CCVC.
Both English and Spanish target syllables contained the following combinations of consonants (C) and vowels (V): CV, CVC, CCV, CCVC, VC (only in Spanish) and CVCC (only in English).
CCVC 1553, Centenary College Vertebrate Collection, now in Vertebrate Paleontology Collection at Louisiana State University.
Reading Words (RW): In this test, the students had to read aloud a list of 30 words, formed by syllables of different complexities, five of each comprised the following structures: CCV, VC, CVC, CVV, CCVC and CVVC, aiming to measure the ability of the student to read real words.
His data show that the most prevalent syllabic structures in English are CVC, CVCC, CCVC, and CCVCC.
CCVC /trin/ 'tres' CScVC /rjat/ 'noche' CScVSc /bjaw/ 'casamiento'
VC, re jec tion CVC, CCVC, CVCC) Open ta ble A syllable with a long vowel sound de fame that is spelled with a star vat ion single-vowel letter.