CCVICommunauté de Communes du Val de l'Indre (French municipality federation)
CCVICommunauté de Communes du Vimeu Industriel (French municipality federation)
CCVICertified Central Vacuums Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
CCVICarb Controlled Variable Ignition (car part; Honda)
CCVICatholic Charities of the Virgin Islands
CCVICouncil on Cardiovascular Imaging (European Society of Cardiology)
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Report of the European Commission for Democracy Through Law (Venice Commission), Opinion on Act CCVI of 2011 on the Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion and the Legal Status of Churches, denominations and Religious Communities of Hungary, adopted by the Venice Commission at its 90th Plenary Session (Venice, 16-17 March 2012) available at the following address:
Duncan-Jones (|Joseph's Party-Coloured Coat and "A Tale of a Tub"', N&Q, ccvi (1961) 251) proposes that Swift obtained the idea for these brothers' coats from a sermon preached in 1640 by Thomas Fuller.
Contact: Eilish Ryan, CCVI, 4301 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209.
July 12-18, A Retreat for Women: Myths of Transformation, Restoring the Lost Feminine with Dorothy Ettling, CCVI. July 19-25, Intensive Journal Retreat (I, II, III) with Therese Craig, OP.
Contact: Eilish Ryan, CCVI, Incarnate Word College, 4301 Broadway (Box 51), San Antonio.
Guided retreats: July 9-16, Scattered Fragments: Women's Integration and Wholeness Retreat, Dorothy Ettling, CCVI; Aug.
Write or call: Alice Holden, CCVI, or Paul Aumen, CPPS, Antonian Residence, 6423 West Ave., San Antonio, TX 78213.
Pakistan ranks 7th on the Climate Change Vulnerability Index(CCVI) by Maple Croft, jumping up 13 positions in one year.
"The Korean government has changed the criteria for issuing Certificate of Confirmation for Visa Issuance (CCVI) to foreign workers under its Employment Permit System (EPS) and consequently changed the qualification for application for EPS-Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)," POEA said.
Assessing unique core values with the competing values framework: The CCVI technique for guiding organizational culture change.