CCVRCenter for Cardiovascular Research
CCVRCommunity Coalition for Victims Rights (Las Vegas, NV)
CCVRCompetence Center Virtual Reality (Germany)
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During CCVR use, mean percentage change of liver function from baseline value was total bilirubin-0.
Adverse events are one of the major concerns as CCVR are generally used by healthy women for prolonged periods of time.
92 % women agreed that instructions on CCVR insertion and removal were easy to follow.
CCVR is an effective contraceptive as illustrated by its low Pearl index.
In the study conducted by Tuppurainen et al (2004), (22) it was found that the total HDL and LDL cholesterol level remained unchanged while triglyceride level increased from baseline from CCVR use.
The effect of CCVR on liver function was not clinically relevant with mean percentage change from baseline value being total bilirubin -0.
In our study, CCVR was not associated with an increased risk of cervical or vaginal abnormalities.
CONCLUSION: From the present study, it can be concluded that CCVR is an effective contraceptive with good cycle control, minimal systemic or local adverse effects along with low incidence of spontaneous expulsion and higher level of user and partner acceptability and probably with a high contraceptive efficacy rate.
Under the terms of the Alliance Agreement, Glass Earth has the sole and exclusive right to apply for exploration permits or acquire rights with respect to all targets for the duration of its prospecting permits over the CCVR area.