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CCVSConservatoire des Collections Végétales Spécialisées (French: Conservatory Plant Collection Specialist)
CCVSCenter for Crime Victim Services (Vermont)
CCVSCurrent Controlled Voltage Source
CCVSCredit Card Verification System (software)
CCVSCrawley Community & Voluntary Service (UK)
CCVSCambridge Council for Voluntary Service (UK)
CCVSCobol Compiler Validation System
CCVSCentral Clearance Verification System
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To this aim, the engine is experimentally characterized in terms of average performance parameters and CCVs at high and low load operation.
Individual interviews with Chinese restaurant owners/operators were conducted to (a) investigate the core CCVs that influence Chinese restaurant operation and food safety training; (b) explore attitudes, past experiences, and barriers related to health inspection and food safety training; and (c) identify the most preferred food safety training method(s).
Louis, MI) was used as a continuing calibration verification (CCV) to verify both the retention times and recovery values.
CCD cameras are at the heart of the move toward miniaturization in the CCVS industry.
The origin of this characteristic behavior of CCVs in general goes back to the turbulent in-cylinder flow, developing long before the ignition time, mainly at the intake stage.
These consisted of a blank, 50.0 ppb continuing calibration verification (CCV) sample and two 60.0 ppb QCs with acceptable recovery for the CCVs and QCs being within 85% and 115%.
This awareness is especially necessary considering the CCVS portion of a total security system investment runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Caption: The Army argued that the CCVs, which would accompany its Leopard tanks (pictured below) into battle, were a priority for future missions.