CCWFCentral California Women's Facility (Chowchilla, CA)
CCWFCentennial Clean Water Fund
CCWFClear Creek Watershed Foundation (Idaho Springs, CO)
CCWFCalifornia Central Women's Facility (prison)
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CCWF has a long way to go in showing respect and compassion for HIV+ prisioners, and I still struggle with the petty issues that surface when a positive woman moves in a cell.
I fight for better medical care for all women at CCWF.
With 11,000 inmates, California has the largest female prison population in the country, says Rhonda Frost, spokeswoman for CCWF.
I have done everything--prostitution, burglary, forgery, robbery and begging on the street to support my habit," says CCWF inmate Beverly Henry, who at 51 has lived most of her life addicted to heroin and is now living with HIV and hepatitis C.
Henry, who gave birth to a daughter about 23 years ago while in state custody, learned she was HIV-positive in 1994, while serving time at CCWF.
Under the terms of this agreement, CCWF will provide Basin Electric with 99MWs ofrenewable wind energylocated in South Dakota.
We look forward to continuing to work on behalf of CCWF to bring this project to successful launch.
Director of CCWF, Seijin Ki, states, "From the research and service provider feedback that we have through our application provided solution for both service provider and more importantly the customer.