CCWICommunity Clean Water Institute (est. 2001)
CCWIComputing and Control in the Water Industry (conference)
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In true bipartisan fashion, the $25,000 prize received by CCWI will be split between two non-profits, one selected by the Democrats and the other by the Republicans.
For example, CCWI #51 shows that the two spinning wheels were located in the kitchen, which would have facilitated the incorporation of spinning with women's other tasks.
CCWI #117, Robert Power vendue list shows that women bought fiber to spin.
Other data for the following discussion of Joseph Eldridge can be found in CCWI #4344; and Joseph Eldridge, Account Books, 1788-1795, man.
CCWI #1031 (Samuel Garrett) and CCWI #1097 (Thomas Garrett).
31, 1731, Bound Volume of Servants and Apprentices, CCA; Petition of Divers Inhabitants of Newtown to Court of General Quarter Sessions, Chester Co., PA, May, 1741, CCA; CCWI #727, Thomas Garret of Darby (d.
CCWI #241, John Lea's inventory shows he died in January 1727 leaving three looms, one of them a broad loom, and a great deal of miscellaneous weaving equipment.
For example, weaving shops turn up in 1717, CCWI #65; 1756, CCWI #2362; 1770, CCWI #2564; 1772, CCWI #2720; 1773, CCWI #2771; 1774, CCWI #2819; and 1792, CCWI #6401.