CCWSChamp Car World Series (auto racing)
CCWSCritter Care Wildlife Society
CCWSCenter for Coastal and Watershed Systems
CCWSCenter for Comparative Welfare Studies
CCWSComp Care Workplace Solutions (UK)
CCWSContra Costa Wind Symphony (Walnut Creek, CA)
CCWSCanadian Centre for Worship Studies
CCWSCaithness Community Web Site
CCWSConsortium for Child Welfare Studies
CCWSCommon Component Workstation
CCWSCommon Cryptologic Workstation(s)
CCWSClose Combat Weapon System (PM Tactical Missiles)
CCWSContext Capture Web Service
CCWSCommand/Control Workstation
CCWSCenter for Comparative Welfare State Studies
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Using equations derived from Figure 1 [(HCW = -23.77 + 0.60 * SW + 1.99 * SF + 0.32 * SF2) and (CCW = -11.86 + 0.56 * SW + 1, 64 * SF)], we compared the HCW and SFT values calculated in our study with those reported by PRADO et al.
While we provide the normalized cumulative volume versus time interval curves and normalized needed heating rate versus normalized cumulative volume curves for the CCWs for two hotels, we do so only to allow readers to practice design and sizing techniques.
During my visit, Ukiah Gun Shop was heavily promoting a CCW class taught through the Mendocino County Sheriff's Department.
The CCWS measures have been featured in numerous studies involving identity-protective cognition.
The initial quantity submitted to the REF was to procure 75 units, accomplished via partnership with the CCWS PM and Program Executive Office Missiles and Space (PEO M&S).
In [37] authors suggest the comprehensive CCWS which consider the combination of aforementioned detection criteria including the inspection of vehicles travelling time on the supervised highway segments and considering the speed acceleration in addition to lane changing behavior of cluster of vehicles at specific zones.
(Individual training resources available upon request to the unit include HWLC mobile training teams (MTTs) and professional development and train-the-trainer classes by CCWS personnel.) The CST is available on request and at no cost to any Active Army or National Guard unit that employs the TOW ITAS missile system.
California news stories tell of retired police officers working in dangerous security jobs who can't get CCWs, and people carrying large amounts of cash in bad neighborhoods who have been told they have no valid reason for a CCW.
CCWs are managed in either wet or dry disposal systems.
Left to carry the financial can for acts of abuse after 1973 were the Catholic Child Welfare Society (CCWS) and the Middlesbrough Diocesan Rescue Society (MDRS), who were at various times the "responsible organisation" for managing the school.
ALMOST a year before the Bhopal gas tragedy, the Union Carbide Corporation ( UCC) is said to have paid Rs 1.5 lakh to the Churhat Children's Welfare Society ( CCWS), Rewa -- an organisation run by the then chief minister Arjun Singh's family.
This article will add to the argument by assuming an inefficient central chilled water system (CCWS) (2,3) and show the effect of upgrading CCWS components and installing more efficient building lighting.