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CCXChicago Climate Exchange
CCXCisco Compatible Extensions
CCXCompetition Coupe X
CCXCisco Compatible Extension
CCXConway Central Express (trucking company)
CCXCall Center Exchange
CCXCommunauté Chrétienne de l'Ecole Polytechnique (French: Christian Community of Polytechnic Schools; France)
CCXCommand and Control Exchange
CCXConsumers Computer Exchange (Houston, Texas)
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CCX emitting members directly generate and emit GHG through activities such as energy production, manufacturing, or travel.
In Phase 1 of the CCX program, initiated in 2006, Knoll achieved an 8.8% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions over the 1998-2001 baseline.
Launched in 2003 by financier Richard Sandor, the CCX is a greenhouse gas market involving more than 100 businesses, government agencies, and financial institutions.
The CCX also uses a new exhaust system with catalysts nearer to the engine, further increasing temperatures.
The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) has approved a portion of the hydropower generated at Chelan County Public Utility District's Rocky Reach Dam to be traded to offset greenhouse gas emissions from other sources.
* Software support for Windows[R] 2000, XP and Vista; Linux[R] operating systems; IEEE 802.1x; and CCX v4 and CCX v5.
Also, The BIG Print recently joined the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) to create and produce their new Neutral Carbon Footprint Printing program (NCFP).
SWEDISH, sexy and one of only two models currently roaming the roads of Britain, a Koenigsegg CCX super car is up for sale on the online motoring site with a pounds 529,800 price tag.
Custom made and capable of reaching a spectacular top speed of 250mph and hitting 0- 100 in 3.2 seconds, the Koenigsegg CCX on the fish4cars website is alleged to have caught the eye of Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta Jones.
The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is the only government sanctioned entity legally allowed to trade carbon credits or, as traders call them, Carbon Financial Instruments (CFI).