CCYCurrent Calendar Year
CCYClock Cycle
CCYCollectif Cheikh Yassine (French Muslim political organization)
CCYCompacted Cubic Yard (measurement)
CCYCochran, Cochran & Yale (Rochester, NY)
CCYCamping Club Youth (UK)
CCYCommission on Children and Youth
CCYCommunity Coalition for Youth (Lansing, MI)
CCYCentre for Children and Youth (est. 1997; University of Northampton; Northampton, UK)
CCYclean cut youngers (UK band)
CCYClub Canin Yonnais (French dog club)
CCYClub des Collectionneurs des Yvelines (French: Collectors Club of Yvelines; Yvelines, France)
CCYChief Communications Yeoman (UK Royal Navy)
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426 MSE * : Mean square error Table 3: Effects of diets C and F on HCY, CCY, TY and BY (%) Regimen BW (g) HCY (%) CCY (%) TY (%) BY (%) T 2191a 72.
Table 15-3 A Comparison of Soil Expansion and Compaction Soil Type As a BCY As a CCY As a LCY Clay 1 0.
It takes the advantage of the disappearance or difficulties of European CCY machine producers to become niche leaders in the high-end segment.
At the end of that period, were recorded weights of cold carcass (CCW) and calculated the yield of cold or commercial carcass CCY = (CCW/SBW) x 100, and the loss by cooling, LC = (HCW-CCW)/HCW x 100.
Oligonucleotide probes for HPV-L1 (6/11; 16/18) amplification products were as follows: MY125 (5'-ACA ATG AAT CCY TCT GTT TTG G-3'; degenerate code Y = C + T), MY95 (5'-GAT ATG GCA GCA CAT AAT GAC-3'), and MY130 (5'-GGG CAA TAT GAT GCT ACC AAT-3') (all supplied by Vienna Biocenter, IMP, Vienna, Austria).
Woo PCY, Lau SKP, Lam CSF, Lau CCY, Tsang AKL, Lau JHN, et al.
The CHIKV-specific primer set (F-CHIK: 5'-AAG CTY CGC GTC CTT TAC CAA AG-3' and R-CHIK: 5'-CCA AAT TGT CCY GGT CTT CCT-3') targeted a region of the envelope protein 1 (El) gene of CHIKVs (7).