CCYLChina Communist Youth League
CCYLCommittee of the Communist Youth League (China)
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Through a cross-analysis of the provincial party secretary and governor using the two indices "whether PPP is a central institution" and "whether the person has CCYL experience", we identified nine options regarding implementing central government policy (see Table 1).
As for those with CCYL experience, eight (25.8 per cent) of the 31 provincial party secretaries had equivalent experience, whereas 18 of the 31 provincial governors had CCYL experience.
The power and authority is most obvious from the promotion of members of Hu's cliques to the Politburo as local barons, including Li Keqiang in Liaoning (who has CCYL experience and whose PAO is Anhui), Li Yuanchao in Jiangsu (who has CCYL experience) and Wang Yang in Chongqing (who has CCYL experience and whose PAO is Anhui).
The CCYL class size is intentionally kept small and intimate to ensure the quality of education received and the level of competency upon graduation.
“My teacher training experience has been life changing,” stated Paula Hudson, recent graduate of the CCYL program.
To date, The Center for Living Well has certified CCYL teachers in Arizona, Florida, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Canada.
Thanks to his father's strong support in the 1980s to former General Secretary Hu Yaobang, a liberal reformist with CCYL background, Xi Jinping was probably acceptable to Hu Jintao.
Li stayed in Beijing until 1998 when he left the CCYL Central Committee and was directly shifted to serve as the Deputy Party Secretary of Henan Province.
Jiang's "Shanghai Gang" and Hu's CCYL associates have become the two most powerful informal political networks in China today.
Leaders who attain high offices through the CCYL also constitute an important group on both the Fifteenth and the Sixteenth Central Committees.
Yuan Chunqing, another member of the CCYL Group, is likely to replace Li Jianguo as Party Secretary of Shaanxi, even though he has recently been appointed as Acting Governor of Shaanxi.
(31) As he was once Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Shanghai Communist Youth League Committee, Han has been considered a member of the CCYL Group as well as a member of the Shanghai Gang.