CCZConsumer Council of Zimbabwe (est. 1975)
CCZCouncil of Churches in Zambia (est. 1945)
CCZCamcad Zipped (data file)
CCZCharpente Couverture Zinguerie (French framing and roofing company)
CCZCyber Condition Zebra (Washington Naval Yard)
CCZCommand and Control Zone
CCZCarlet-Charpin-Zinoviev (Equivalence Relation of Functions)
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In 2010, the CCZ of Maceio did not perform an entomological survey due to administrative issues involving the state and municipal managements, such as the lack of traps and chemicals used to identify vector species, increasing the population risk of infection.
Um bom exemplo disso sera visto neste artigo, no qual o Poder Judiciario mineiro contribuiu para o respeito e a protecao dos animais que se encontram no CCZ, apreendidos ou doados, frente aos diversos argumentos juridicos apresentados pelo municipio de Belo Horizonte.
Evidence supporting that view is already available: In 1978, scientists performing an experiment scooped polymetallic nodules from the CCZ and left a track in the sediments that was 1.5 km wide and 4.5 cm deep.
Essa experiencia de aproximacao durou seis anos e se caracterizou pela atuacao do primeiro autor deste artigo como coordenador do CCZ de Castanhal, em uma relacao geralmente conflituosa com a familia de produtores que ora se analisa.
As for comparing the content of chlorophyll a in the leaves of plants in the plantations of sanitary protective zones and along highways, in June it was higher than in plantations of conventional control zone (CCZ), and in July and August it was significantly lower.
Commission of Zimbabwe Women's engagement in Constitutional Reform: National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) and The Constitutional (CCZ)
Em relacao ao status de castracao do animal, e interessante notar que apesar da legislacao brasileira atualmente em vigor nao exigir do poder publico a esterilizacao de animais em seu poder antes de eles serem doados, a comunidade academica medico veterinaria e alguns Centros de Controle de Zoonoses (CCZ) tem sugerido e realizado a castracao dos animais antes da doacao como uma forma de controlar a superpopulacao e de incentivar a guarda responsavel pelos proprietarios.
These major network programs have dramatically reduced the variability in [the] security posture of the Navy's networks, and Operations Cyber Condition Zebra (CCZ) and Cyber Asset Reduction and Security (CARS) were the first logical steps to both more thoroughly secure the perimeter and more completely field NMCI and ONE-NET.
The debt will have a size of up to USD150m (EUR122m) and will be placed by the company's Swiss unit CCZ Trade SA.
CCZ lowered Zink and alloy output by 1% in 1H 2012.
"The only detail we've managed to find out at this point is it was dark in colour and had a Northern Irish registration or private number plate - as the first three letters were CCZ.