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The above CCZM has been implemented based on the user interface UMAT of the commercial code ABAQUS via the cohesive element [30].
Furthermore, it remains for the next work to extend the application of the CCZM for simulating fatigue crack growth of other alloys at LSY.
Caption: Figure 7: Plot of the experimental results and the corresponding fitting curves of the CCZM in the Paris' region.
Caption: Figure 13: Comparison between experiments and the proposed CCZM under the constant force amplitude with R = 0.1.
Although the Paris-like behavior which corresponds to the moderate [DELTA]K levels in Regime II can be predicted by using the aforementioned CCZMs [11, 22-27], this is not the advantage of CCZMs, since the Paris regime associated with SSY has already been described successfully according to the K-based models.