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CCoWCoal Contract of Work (mining)
CCoWClinical Context Object Workgroup
CCoWCloud Copy on Write (object storage system)
CCoWCapital Corporation of the West (Merced, CA)
CCoWChannel Control Order Wire
CCoWControl Channel Order Wire
CCoWContributing to Coalition Operations Worldwide
CCoWCountryside Classroom on Wheels (Royal Northern Countryside Initiative; UK)
CCoWComputer Care on Wheels (Brantford, Ontario, Canada)
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Cottage had to work with various vendors over a period of about six months to make its applications compliant with CCOW. In order to accommodate Vergence, applications have to be written to the CCOW standard.
HP is a founding member of CCOW and the Andover Working Group.
The elections are for President-elect, Senior Vice President, Vice President, and Chair of the CCOW (Council Committee of the Whole).
In the case of Coal Contract of Work (CCOW), contract area is limited to 100,000 Ha, while no limit is set for other minerals.
The Council meeting starts with the various committees holding their meetings; this is followed by the Council Committee of the Whole (CCOW), where any member can raise any issue pertaining to SPE and expect to have a full and open discussion.
CCOW companies will still be the backbone of Indonesian coal mining industry.
One of the changes concerned Coal Cooperation Contract/CCC becoming Coal Contract of Work (CCOW), for foreign and domestic contractors.
Under production sharing cooperation pattern, foreign contractors holding CCOW are required to divest 51% of their shares to Indonesian partner after 10 years of operation to start with 15% in the fifth year, to be followed with 8% in the sixth year and 7% stake in the 7th through 10th years.
Table - 3 Indonesia's coal production, 1999-2000 Description 1999 2000 PT BA 11.207 13.200 CCoW Gen.
One of the revisions was the change in the cooperation contract scheme from the so-called Coal Cooperation Contract (CCC or KKB by its Indonesian initials) scheme to the Coal Contract of Work (CCOW) scheme.