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CDJCd Jukebox
CDJConsumer Decision Journey (marketing)
CDJCommunity Development Journal (Oxford Journals; UK)
CDJConseil Départemental des Jeunes (French: County Youth Council)
CDJCentre des Jeunes (French: Youth Center)
CDJClub Des Jeunes (French: Youth Club)
CDJChief District Judge
CDJCompagnie du Jeans (French: Jeans Company)
CDJCompact Disk Jockey
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Then the images are called up from the CD jukebox."
Kodak Document Imaging has announced the availability of its Kodak Digital Science CD Library TKO, which performs the functions of both a CD tower and a CD jukebox.
The CD jukebox, once a luxury is appearing at the deskside now and advances in firmware enable features previously available only with MO such as packet writing, data caching, and simultaneous reads and writes from multiple drives.
* Off-Line Media Management: Smart CD v.3.0, according to the company, allows administrators to leverage their CD jukebox investment by providing off-line media management.
For audio playback, a user-friendly CD player interface turns the changer into a true CD jukebox. Using the interface, users can program individual to play random or programmed selections from all five discs.
A CD jukebox, by comparison, with its racks, gears, pickers, and doors is a Rube Goldberg invention that can't be left alone for long.
As a result, enterprises such as law firms, financial institutions, publishing firms, insurance companies, and medical imaging and government agencies can access data stored on a CD Jukebox as quickly as data stored on the company's network drives.
For audio playback, a user-friendly CD player interface turns the changer into a true CD jukebox. With the interface, users can program individual audio tracks or initiate a shuffle feature to play random selections from all five discs.
Although no hard numbers exist about how many jukeboxes in the marketplace are digital, Rowe International, a major manufacturer of both digital and CD jukeboxes based in Grand Rapids, Mich., reports that the vast majority of its sales are now of digital models.
Digital jukeboxes offer improved performance and a higher return on investment than the traditional CD jukeboxes and can provide video functionality, artist features, touch-screen music links and movie clips.
The technology has been well-understood for years: It's the same transport mechanism CD jukeboxes have used all along; only the drives are different.
CD jukeboxes hold multiple CDs that allow for access from many people simultaneously.