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CD-ICompact Disk Interactive
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Having overseen the design and production of more than 120 CD-i titles during his days as senior vice president of CD-i production, McElhatten said he looks forward to producing titles for various platforms--in some cases, for the PC and Macintosh as well as Sega and Sony.
He added he plans to carry the Sony PlayStation and possibly the CD-i system later in the year.
Philips Consumer Electronics Co., located in Knoxville, Tenn., offers the CD-I 601 and 602 players.
A mouse is supplied with the player; wired inputs for joysticks, graphic tablets, touchscreens or CD-I keyboards are also accepted.
Philips' solution to the problem of getting consumers to buy computers is CD-L CD-I will not walk, talk or act like a computer, but it will, in fact, he one, and a considerably powerful one at that.
The final debugging process on the first wave of 25 CD-I titles has begun.