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CD-ROMCompact Disk - Read Only Memory
CD-ROMCrazed Ducati-Riders of Massachusetts (motorcycle club)
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To gain more insight on how to publish an educational CD-ROM, contact Ember Media at (; 212-695-1919).
And when they get more comfortable with the CD-ROM, they'll have fun taking customers through a virtual plot tour on the spot."
With the series, titled "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Programming on 7 CD-ROMs," database developers will learn techniques for programming for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, which has a host of advanced features.
Either way, make sure at least the end books are sitting on the bookend's bottom CD-ROM. See photo.
ISBN: None (Carswell Thomson Professional Publishing) CD-ROM, English 2000 Catalog No.
Weaving chains of affect and cognition: A young child's understanding of CD-ROM talking books.
Registrants receive a set of four CD-ROM's featuring audio, video and hundreds of color graphics, along with a 200-page certification workbook, which includes sales forms, checklists, graphics and other reference materials.
The new CD-ROM product includes the NATO Supply Classification Handbook (A CoD P-2) and the NATO Item Name Directory (A CoD P-3).
NavAir 00-25-100, work package 20, paragraph d, offers help on how to incorporate changes on paper and on CD-ROM. This manual has examples in figure 2, sheets 1 and 2, on how to incorporate paper changes.
The number of subscribers also increases with each quarterly release of the PDB CD-ROM set.