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CD-ROM XACompact Disk Read-Only Memory/Extended Architecture
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Whether dealing with CD-I, DVI, or any other format, including CD-ROM and CD-ROM XA, the clear trend is toward multimedia.
Sony's new portable Multimedia CD-ROM Player (MMCD) integrates a CD-ROM XA drive, a DOS-compatible microprocessor, a 256-color LCD display panel, a speaker, a keyboard and a cursor pad in a two-pound package.
CD-ROM XA was announced last summer, and many demos and promises were made at the conference.
"There might seem to be a contradiction between CD-I and CD-ROM XA, but its not a contradiction," Doi insisted, "XA makes it easier to then go to CD-I.
For example, a CD-ROM XA disc can be used with both a CD-I player and a CD-ROM player, a Photo CD can be utilized in a CD-ROM XA drive, and a DVI card can capture to or play from any CD-ROM unit.
Having examined CD-I we can address its cousin, CD-ROM XA. Some time prior to the fall of 1988, the lack of full-motion video capabilities in the original CD-ROM specification began to be viewed as a liability by its developers.
The soon-to-be parts include CD-I, CD-ROM XA, DV-I, recordable CDs and other formats, each with a new acronym to remember.
Existing CD-ROM drives must be modified in order to read CD-ROM XA applications, but future drives built to the new standard's specifications will still read the older CD-ROM format.
Supported formats include ISO 9660, CD-ROM Mode 1 and 2, Mixed Mode, CD-ROM XA Mode 2 Form 1 and 2, CD-1, Video CD, Hybrid, ISO HFS and UFS, Single- and Multi-Session, DAO and TAO, CD Audio, CD-G, Cd-Plus, Sony PlayStation, and Sega Saturn.
New system compressing and interleaving data and audio and/or video are CD-I (compact disc-interactive), CD-ROM XA (extended architecture), CVD (compact videodisc), and DVI (digital video-interactive).
The drives read CD-DA, CD-ROM XA, CD-I, CD-I Ready, and CD-I Bridge disc formats.
Alternatively (just to muddy the water), other format names abound: CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-i, CD Plus, Video CD, Photo CD, Multisession.