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CD-RWCompact Disc - ReWritable
CD-RWCompact Disc Recordable/Writable (common, but incorrect)
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CD-RW is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for removable data storage on both consumer and corporate PCs.
Verbatim CD-RW drives complement our line-up of products that help our customers get started on hobbies and tasks such as digital photography, organizing and archiving their data, plus much more.
CD-RW drives allow users to create, write, rewrite, store, manage and share data, music, photos on a CD just as they would save information to a floppy.
Other disc types, such as CD-DA, Mixed Mode, and CD-RW, will be read at 40X even with SpeedRead enabled.
0 CD-RW drives are available now at Micro Center, Fry's, Amazon, and buy.
The new Iomega(R) Predator(TM) external CD-RW drive is compatible with Macintosh(R) and PC platforms and sets a new standard of sleek functionality for external CD-RW drives.
Designed as part of a new generation of high speed CD recorders from Yamaha, this portable unit is the world's first external recorder to rewrite CD-RW discs at 8x speed, doubling the current standard of 4x and cutting the required time to rewrite a CD-RW disc in half.
With the burgeoning popularity of both CD-RW and DVD drives, the market is eagerly awaiting an affordable combo drive with performance comparable to today's state-of-the-art individual CD-RW and DVD drives.
TEAC, a world leader in the manufacture of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and CD-R/RW storage technology, today announces the shipping of its new 12x10x32 IDE-ATAPI CD-RW drive, an internal desktop PC peripheral used for the writing and rewriting of data and audio files onto CD-Recordable and CD-Rewritable media.
Nasdaq: CRUS), a market leader of ReWritable Compact Disc (CD-RW) chips, announced a new CD-RW drive device that offers twice the storage capacity of current solution.
The next generation of rewritable CD-RW is apparently going to be 1.