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CD-RWCompact Disc - ReWritable
CD-RWCompact Disc Recordable/Writable (common, but incorrect)
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The HP Pavilion 725n desktop PC offers photo and video editing capability at a competitive price, featuring an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ processor, a large 80-GB hard disk drive, 512-MB DDR memory, 48x CD-RW and 16x DVD-ROM drives, front- and rear-access IEEE 1394 ports, NVIDIA 64-MB GeForce4 MX graphics with 64-MB allocated video memory and a six-in-one media card reader for quick and easy transfer of digital data from all common flash media formats.
Currently, erasable optical storage is too slow to be used as a computer's main storage facility, but as the speed improves and the cost comes down, CD-RW and DVD-RW devices are becoming a popular alternative to tape systems as a backup method.
The CD-RW drive is capable of burning a full CD in four minutes over either a FireWire or USB 2.
The OTI-9073 is designed for use with Oak's industry-leading 16x OTI-9795 optical storage controller, as well as even higher-performance CD-RW and combo CD-RW/DVD drive controllers scheduled for release early this year.
By increasing the number of entry-level drives at lower price points, HP is demonstrating its leadership in the CD-RW market and offering superior optical storage solutions for the desktop at competitive prices," said Perry Ralph, product-marketing manager for HP's CD-RW products.
The ability of a CD-RW drive to read different types of compact discs varies based on the qualities of the discs and the type of data written to the discs.
CD-RWs generally sell for anywhere between $200 and $1,000, depending on the quality, as well as whether it's an internal or external drive--and whether it's bundled with software and cables.
Both my desktop and my laptop computer have new MultiRead CD-RW drives; I'd had 4 on my desktop for a few years, and 4 came pre-installed on the laptop.
The release of a product like our 12x10x32 opens up new markets for TEAC that includes consumers looking for the fastest CD-RW performance," said Les Luzar, division manager at TEAC America's Data Storage Products Division.
And in any case, Iomega is also OEM'ing a CD-RW drive.