CD-SEMCritical Dimension - Scanning Electron Microscopy
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Semiconductor manufacturers require CD-SEM measurement systems to measure the critical dimension of the miniature-sized circuits in a semiconductor and to assure accuracy in manufacturing, Advantest said.
"Traditional CD-SEM systems lack the sensitivity to measure small variations in line and contact hole profiles.
The CD-SEM systems, which can cost from $1.5 to $2.5 million, can earn a high rate of return by quickly solving potential problems in the manufacturing process.
Contract notice for Purchasing a CD-SEM gauge for semiconductor MEMS manufacturing on SI substrates.
Delivery of a scanning electron microscope for fully automated pattern width measurement (CD-SEM).
CD-SEMOne-to-find CD-SEM is for the MEMS fabrication in the IPMS-clean room allow the measurement of the critical dimension of lands, trenches and contact holes to minimum feature sizes of 350 nm for conductive and non-conductive materials.CD (Critical Dimension) Measuring range: 0.1 - 8 micronsResolution: 3.0 nmRepeatability: A 1% or 5 nm (3) (whichever is greater)Measuring objects: bridges, trenches, vias postWafer size: 150 mm wafers and 200 mm wafers.If possible, simple conversion of 200 mm wafers to 150mm and back in a short time.Magnification: 1 000x - 000x 200Defect Monitoring: It should be possible KLARF-files etc.
Nanolithography system consisting of Electron Beam Exposure System and CD-SEM electron beam exposure system - equipment for the exposure of electron beam resists at wafer level for MEMS / NEMS and nanoelectronics.
The final report for a one-year project to apply a model-based library (MBL) method to measurements performed with critical dimension scanning electron microscopes (CD-SEMs) has been submitted to International SEMATECH.
The value of nano-tips as replacement electron sources in production field emission critical dimension scanning electron microscopes (CD-SEMs) is being explored in a two-part study for ISEMATECH.