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CD13Cluster of Differentiation 13 (glycoprotein)
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European Group for Immunological Characterization of Acute Leukemias (EGIL) Algorithm for Biphenotypic Blasts (a,b) Points B T Myeloid 2 cyCD79a CD3 (sm or cy) MPO cyCD22 TCR-[alpha][beta] cyIgM TCR-[gamma][delta] 1 CD19 CD2 CD117 CD20 CD5 CD13 CD10 CD8 CD33 CD10 CDw65 0.
Furthermore, CD13 was proven to be functionally significant in the maintenance of cancer stem cells.
However, for other parameters such as TLC, Hb, platelet count, PB blast %, LDH, CD33, CD13, CD117, CD61, myeloperoxidase, CD2, CD5, CD7, CD34, HLA-DR, and CD10, no significant correlations were found.
Cells display CD33 (l00%), CD117 (93%) CD13 (64%), CD64 (99%), CD38 (90%), and myeloperoxidase (81%), HLA-DR (19%).
Moffatt led a team in the United States in designing and developing a polymer-based therapeutics model involving a novel peptide linkage system for the tumor- specific molecule, CD13.
Existen otros PRR, como las proteinas de la familia NOD (por la sigla en ingles de nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain) y la proteina RIG-1 (por la sigla en ingles de Ras-related inhibitor of cell growth), encargados del reconocimiento intracelular de PAMP los receptores de lectina y los de peptidoglicano (PGRP por la sigla en ingles de peptidoglycan receptor protein)y varias moleculas de diferenciacion leucocitaria, como CD13 y CD14 (25).
Por otra parte, los promielocitos muestran niveles elevados de CD13 y corresponden a la unica subpoblacion celular dentro de este linaje con expresion de CD117 (tabla 5; figura 3).
Membrane markers revealed positivity for CD13, CD33, CD45, and negative HLA-DR as described in APL.
The models CD13 (conduction cooled) and CV10 (convection cooled) are based on an updated implementation that addresses component obsolescence issues, thereby resetting the life cycle clock that enables these models to provide sustained product availability and support for both current and new customers with mission-critical applications.
Positivas para: Negativas para: CD11b, CD13 y CD33 CD11b, CD13 y CD33 Receptores tipo Toll Positivas para TLR1, Positivas para TLR6, (expresion) TLR2, TLR3, TLR4, TLR7, TLR9 TLR5, TLR6, TLR8 Secrecion de DC inmaduras: IL-10 DC inmaduras: muy citocinas DC maduras: IL-12, escasa citocinas DC maduras: IFN- proinflamatorias [alfa] Presentacion Potente, las mas Moderada antigenica a los LT importante en virgenes induccion de inmunidad adaptativa Patron de respuesta Fundamentalmente Th2>Th1 inducida Interaccion tipo Th1 Potente, Potente, agonista en con los LB agonista en la la induccion de induccion de anticuerpos anticuerpos DC: celulas dendriticas; TLR: Receptor tipo Toll; LT: linfocitos T; LB: linfocitos B