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CD14Cluster of Differentiation Antigen 14
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Association between a genomic polymorphism within the CD14 locus and septic shock susceptibility and mortality rate.
Monocyte numbers were assessed in each specimen by CD14 staining.
LBP and CD14 are two key proteins for LPS recognition (Haziot et al., 1997; Jack et al., 1997).
Results were expressed as percentage of positive events and MFI for COX-2 and MFI for CD14, CD45, and MPO.
Their engineered, or recombinant, virus is called "PVX/CD14," for "potato virus X carrying the gene of therapeutic protein CD14."
For CD14 and TLR-4, there was no clear cell labeling (i.e., no discernable increase in cell-associated fluorescence on antibody labeling as compared with isotype control antibodies) either in the presence or absence of LPS (data not shown).
CD14 is located exclusively on the outside of each Kupffer cell and does not reach through the membrane surrounding the cells into the cell's interior.
Valencia City Bukidnon-SSCR (6-1) aims to close in on the top spot in the Foundation Group when it battles winless CD14 Designs-Trinity (0-8) at 12 p.
We have reported previously that the CD14 and TLR4 are involved in the proliferation of LPS stimulated normal fibroblast cells and concluded that these receptors could have an important role in the formation of the hypertrophic scar.20,21 In addition, this study could move one-step further in better understanding the formation of the hypertrophic scar.
As listed in Table 2, the adherent cells from all of the five donors in the xeno-free medium had a similar expression profile of the following cell surface markers: positive expression of CD29, CD44, CD73, CD90, and CD166 and negative expression of CD14, CD34, CD45, CD79a, CD105, CD146, CD271, HLA-DR, SSEA-4, and Stro-1.