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CD16Fc Gamma Receptor III
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Following the US FDA review, the first engineered, GMP-grade, cryopreserved, off-the-shelf, bi-specific NK cell therapy will enter human clinical trials targeting CD16 and CD19 in patients with lymphoma, added the company.
CD16 is naturally expressed on NK cells and mediates antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC), a potent immune mechanism through which NK cells can recognize, bind and kill antibody-coated cancer cells.
Peripheral blood flow cytometric findings at the time of B-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma diagnosis: immunophenotyping revealed a 40% population of aberrant B-lymphoblasts, that were CD45 (-), CD10 (+), CD22 (+), CD20 variably (+), CD19 (+), HLA-DR variably (+), CD34 partial (+), CD56 partial (+), Tdt (+), and negative for the remaining lymphoid and myeloid markers tested, including CD14, CD5, CD7, CD33, CD13, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD117, CD16, and MPO.
Morii et al., " Accumulation of CD16," International Immunology, vol.
CD16 expression was increased in mAD patients but not in aMCI subjects although its relevance in AD remains to be determined [94].
Subpopulations of monocytes were identified based on the surface expression of CD14 and CD16 [13].
Next, we identified the three main monocyte subpopulations in a dot plot of CD14 versus CD16: [CD14.sup.++] [CD16.sup.-], [CD14.sup.++][CD16.sup.+], and [CD14.sup.+][CD16.sup.++].
Xu et al., "An unbalanced PD-L1/CD86 ratio in CD14 ++ CD16 + monocytes is correlated with HCV viremia during chronic HCV infection," Cellular and Molecular Immunology, vol.
Flow cytometry (FCM) analysis of the BM aspirate cells using the EuroFlow lymphoid screening tube (LST) and antibody panel for NK cell chronic lymphoproliferative diseases (NK-CLPD) [7], complemented with other cell surface markers, showed that the neoplastic cells were positive for CD45 (high), CD2, CD26, CD38, CD94 (high), and HLADR (high, heterogeneous) antigens, and negative for surface CD3, TCR, CD4, CD5, CD7, CD8, CD11b, CD11c, CD16, CD56, CD57, and CD161, as well as for cytoplasmic CD3; in addition, they express intracellular granzyme B and perforin (Figure 3).
The cell surface markers important to test for in flow cytometry (at a minimum) are CD3, CD4 with CD45RA (a marker for naive T cells) plus CD62L (or CD31), CD45RO, CD8, CD16 and CD20.
Membrane expression of CD16 (PE anti-human CD16), CD62L (FITC anti-human CD62L) on neutrophils was assessed by flow cytometry.