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CD2Classic Diablo 2 (game)
CD2Cluster Designation 2
CD2Cluster Differentiation 2
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CD117-brightly positive cells were then analyzed for expression of CD2, CD25, CD35, CD59, CD63, and CD69 (Figure 2, A through L).
Debido a que las variables cuantitativas CM1, CM2, CM3, CD1, CD2 y CD3 no cumplian con el supuesto de normalidad, se efectuaron pruebas no parametricas con el proposito de establecer si existian diferencias al comparar las variables entre los diferentes periodos de seguimiento.
8] Immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry typically demonstrate the presence of the T-cell-associated markers CD2, CD7, CD45RO, and CD43.
The current plan is to develop Qannik from the Alpine CD2 drill site.
CD2 meanwhile is Miami Night and features the tracks which are expected to be the sounds of the summer like the Hoxton Whores mix of Adamski's Killer and Michael's Gray's remix of Sterling Void's Runaway Girl.
El grafico 2 permite apreciar el comportamiento de la cresta osea distal en los implantes de superficie lisa y rugosa, con incremento estadisticamente significativo (p < 0,05) entre los periodos CD1 CD2 y CD1-CD3; entre CD2 y CD3 el nivel de la cresta osea se mantuvo estable, sin representar diferencia estadisticamente significativa.
And, as a mother, she has a real stake in making CD2 and the city a better place.
CD2 steps it up a level with big records from Nic Fanciulli, Delphic and Adam Freeland.
CD1 belongs to Stu Allan, one of the instigators of the genre, while hot newcomer Joey Riot is responsible for CD2.
Active Biotech said that its operations in 2003 would focus on completing the two ongoing Phase II clinical trials for the key SAIK-MS, an orally administered drug for the treatment of MS, and TTS CD2 projects, against non-small cell lung cancer, with the results scheduled to be reported during the fourth quarter of 2003.