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CD21Cluster of Differentiation 21 (glycoprotein)
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9 In our case, tumour cells showed strong positivity for CD21 and CD23 while S-100 and CD68 were focally positive.
Stable transfection of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) nuclear antigen 2 in lymphoma cells containing the EBV P3HR1 genome induces expression of B-cell activation molecules CD21 and CD23.
B lenfositlerinin yuzeyinde B hucre almaci (reseptoru) ile birlikte CD19, CD21, CD81 ve CD225 gibi ko-reseptorler de bulunmaktadir (13).
CD19 molekulu CD21, CD81 ve CD225 ile B hucre reseptor kompleksi olusturarak antijen baglanmasi sonrasi B hucre reseptor sinyallerini kuvvetlendirir.
Immunophenotypic analysis of the nodule aspirate was performed by flow cytometry using the following anti-canine monoclonal antibodies: CD45, CD21, CD5, CD4 and CD8 (Serotec).
Alteraciones moleculares han sido tambien observadas en diversos contextos autoinmunes, que incluyen defectos de la senalizacion (70) y apoptosis anormal de linfocitos autorreactivos, (71) o distorsiones en la maquinaria de transduccion estimulada por el CD19 y CD21, o inhibida por el CD22, CD72 y CD5.
Spatial String Leaf Signature AB11 01000001 AC10 00110000 AD01 01001000 BC12 01010000 BD21 00100001 CD21 00101000
La infeccion de linfocitos B ocurre a traves del receptor del complemento CD21 expresado por estas celulas, mediada por glicoproteinas de la superficie viral.
High levels of CD21 expression, which have previously been shown by others to interfere with CD19 targeted therapies, did not reduce the antitumor activity of SGN-19A.
In our opinion, a minimal IHC panel for FL should include BCL2, CD3, CD10, and CD20; however, ideally, BCL6, CD5, and CD21 should be included as well.
In immunohistochemistry the mass was positive of markers CD21 and CD79.
In immunohistochemical study, these cells were positive for CD163, lysozyme, CD4, and CD43, while CD117, MPO, CD68, langerin, CD1a, S-100, CD35, CD21, clusterin, fascin, factor 13a, CD123, TCL-1, TdT, CD3, CD20, and CD30 were all negative.