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CD3Cluster Determinant 3
CD3Cluster-Defined 3
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BLINCYTO, the first-and-only approved bispecific CD19-directed CD3 T cell engager (BiTE) immunotherapy, is now also the first-and-only therapy to be FDA-approved for MRD, revealed the company.
As seen from the results shown in Figure 1(a), the CD3 +CD4+ lymphocytes represent a significant portion of the PBMC, and their proportion increases with incubation time, reaching a maximum on the sixth day.
The frequencies of T-cell antigen expression (in decreasing order) were CD2, 4 of 6 (67%); CD7, 3 of 5 (60%); CD3, 5 of 11 (45%); CD4, 2 of 6 (33%); CD5, 1 of 7 (14%); and CD8, 1 of 7 (14%).
Donor lymphocyte infusion followed by interferon-[alpha] plus low dose cyclosporine A for modulation of donor CD3 cells activity with monitoring of minimal residual disease and cellular chimerism in a patient with first hematologic relapse of chronic myelogenous leukemia after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.
By binding to CD3, the drug appears to prevent T cells from instigating the onslaught.
Bone marrow aspirate from case 3 was analyzed on a flow cytometer (FACScan, Becton Dickinson, San Jose, Calif) for various antigens using standard techniques,[4] the manufacturer's recommendations, and the following antibodies: CD2, CD3, CD4, CD5, CD7, CD8, CD19, CD20, CD22, CD23, HLA-DR, [Kappa], [Lambda], CD56, CD25, CD38, CD13, CD45, CD10, CD38, and CD11c.
The clinical hold does not affect the ongoing development of Affimed's NK cell engager programs, which are based on targeting the NK cell receptor CD16A, a different approach than used for AFM11, which targets T cells through CD3.
AMV564 is a bivalent, bispecific T-cell engager that binds both CD33 and CD3 with strong avidity and results in T-cell directed lysis of CD33-expressing myeloid cells.
MGD006 is a clinical-stage molecule that recognizes both CD123 and CD3. CD123, the Interleukin-3 receptor alpha chain, has been reported to be over-expressed on cancer cells in a wide range of hematological malignancies including AML and MDS, added the company.
The PBMCs of group I were seeded into a 75 cm flask precoated with CD3 mAb (OKT3) (Cuba CIMAB SA, Cuba), while the PBMCs of group II were seeded into another 75 [cm.sup.2] flask precoated with RetroNectin (Takara, Japan) and OKT3.