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CD38Cluster of Differentiation 38 (glycoprotein)
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CD38 is the main nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD[sup]+)-glycohydrolase in mammals.
Apart from CD38 and CD138, neoplastic PCs derived from PCM exhibit a different immunophenotype from PCs derived from B-cell lymphomas, according to Seegmiller et al.
ALDH etkinligi olan hucrelerin secimi materyal-metod kisminda anlatildigi sekilde gerceklestirilip ardindan CD38 antijeni icin [CD38.
In particular, NAD is the substrate of CD38 for synthesis of cADPR and CD38 is a crucial regulator of NAD-dependent deacetylase such as SIRT1 which modulates aging and energy metabolism [20].
Furthermore, Gq, similar to CD38, regulates extracellular calcium entry in chemokine-stimulated cells.
Otro reporte en el que se estudiaron 30 marcadores de LLC en LMB, no encuentra diferencias significativas en la expresion de la mayoria de estos, solo se observan modestas diferencias en la expresion de CD38 y CD49d, ambos casos con pronostico desfavorable en LLC (35).
hAM-MSC caused a reduction in the expression of Tcell activation markers, CD38 and HLA-DR.
CD38 expression is an important prognostic marker in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.
10] Immunophenotypic plasmablastic cells are positive for CD138, CD38, and MUM1.
As such, plasmacytomas typically express CD79a, CD138, and CD38 similar to normal plasma cells with aberrant expression of CD56, suggesting a neoplastic process (67%-79% of cases) and a lack of CD19 reactivity (nearly all cases).
Kemik grafilerinde litik lezyon izlenmeyen olgunun yapilan kemik iligi aspirasyon orneginde %12 plazma hucresi, kemik iligi biyopsisinde ise %40 sellularite gosteren ilik dokusunda interstisyumda kimi alanlarda sayilari hafifce artmis ve yer yer kucuk kumeler yapmis CD38 pozitif plazma hucreleri saptanmis olup bu hucrelerde agirlikli olarak kappa pozitifligi gosterilmistir.
Daratumumab is an investigational human CD38 monoclonal antibody licensed from Genmab A/S.