CDA1Cell Division Autoantigen 1 (antiprolierative protein)
CDA1Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia, type I
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Due to different mechanisms of Cd sequestration and translocation between Westag 97 and AC Hime, we investigated the responses of the five genes at the Cda1 locus to Cd treatment to understand what roles they may play in Cd accumulation in soybean.
In this study, the expression level of a soybean RSTK at the Cda1 locus was regulated by Cd.
Table 2 Mean values of Crohn's Disease Activity Index (CDA1), Inflammatory Bowel Disease Questionnaire scores (IBDQ) and 21-item Hamilton's Depression Scale scores (HAMD) at baseline and after six weeks of concomitant treatment with wormwood (n = 10) as compared to the control group (n = 10).